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The Little Couple
"Season six is our best yet," Bill Klein says.
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'The Little Couple' Talks About 'Painful' Moments On The Show

Season 6 premiere of 'The Little Couple' is set to air tonight, and husband Bill Klein says it's going to be the best one yet. This season introduces a host of new problems for the pair, who recently adopted a baby girl, and, in the process, learned of wife Jen Arnold's cancer diagnosis.

Kim Kardashian
She's hot, but does she measure up to the iconic sex symbol?
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A-List Links: Is Kim Kardashian The Next Marilyn Monroe?

This week has been plagued by controversy. First, couple of twenty years, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated, then outrage ensued after Kim Kardashian was likened to screen siren Marilyn Monroe, and now '19 Kids and Counting' mom Michelle Duggar has revealed a dark secret no one could have guessed!

You can look like Queen Bey. Really.
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Get Beyoncé's Shoulders In 4 Easy Moves!

Everyone knows Beyoncé clocks in plenty of hours at the gym — not to mention all the bootylicious dancing she does on-stage — and adheres strictly to her vegan diet. But what we don't know is how we can score a body like hers!