Top 10 Celeb Sex Quotes
Jessica! You naughty girl.
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They Said What?! Top 10 Celeb Sex Quotes

Celebs are always saying something shocking, whether it's about their professional lives or their love lives. Every time you turn around, there they are again, spouting off something awesomely naughty. We've rounded up our ten favorite celeb sex quotes for your enjoyment.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne relapse
It's official: Ozzy Osbourne has relapsed ... so now what?
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Ozzy Osbourne's Relapse: Should Sharon Divorce Him?

After ten years of sobriety, Ozzy Osbourne has relapsed on a binge of booze and drugs. We imagine Sharon thinking, "How can he say he loves me and — in this one action — take away my trust?" Our experts explain how the Osbournes' situation offers insight for what to do when your addict spouse relapses.

So you think you don’t “need” a man?
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So you think you don’t “need” a man?

If you happened to click on this article because you had a suspicion it was going to irritate you, let me start by sharing this widely-accepted notion. “The truth will set you free – but occasionally, it may really aggravate you first...” I think we all intuitively “get” that there are many good reasons why you might not want to feel like you “need” your partner.