Sean Penn

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Sean Penn
Quick Facts

Birthday: August 17, 1960

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Quote: "Love is a mess, at best, and I figure it can be very real in spite of all the things people try to attach to it."

Lovestage: Sean Penn is married to actress Robin Wright-Penn. He called off divorce proceedings in late May.

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Actor Sean Penn has been married to actress Robin Wright-Penn since 1996. In May 2009, Penn called off divorce proceedings he had filed in April, calling his actions an "arrogant mistake." The two have been an item since 1990 and had filed for divorce before in December 2007 before rescinding the papers four months later. During their separation in 2009, Sean was rumored to be romantically involved with actress Natalie Portman. Portman denied these claims. During the Penns' 2007 separation, he dated model Petra Nemcova. Sean was also married to Madonna from 1985 to 1989.