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Kim Kardashian
Quick Facts

Birthday: October 21, 1980

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Quote: "I definitely scared [Reggie Bush] and told him [the engagement ring] was probably way more expensive than it is, just so that when he goes he feels like he's getting a good deal," - Kim on Covino and Rich show on Sirius Radio.

Lovestage: Kardashian has been dating NFL star Reggie Bush since 2007.

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Kim Kardashian was catapulted into the spotlight in 2007 after a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, R&B singer Ray-J, was leaked to the tabloids. The relationship ended soon after the leak. Kardashian started dating NFL quarterback Reggie Bush that same year.  The two have announced their intention to get married although neither is in rush to set a date.  A marriage to Bush would be Kim's second trip down the aisle.  She was previously married to record producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004.

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