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Johnny Depp
Quick Facts

Birthday: June 9, 1963

Hometown: Owensboro, Kentucky

Quote: "I never found myself needing that piece of paper...Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don't need somebody to say, okay you're married... If Vanessa wanted to get hitched, why not...But the thing is, I'd be so scared of ruining her last name. She's got such a good last name."

Lovestage: Johnny Depp is in a long-term relationship with French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis.

Johnny Depp has been dating French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis since 1998. They have two children, Lily-Rose Melody and Jack, born 1999 and 2002 respectfully. Depp previously married Lori Anne Allison in 1983 and was divorced in 1985, and has been engaged to Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, and Kate Moss. He has said in interiews that he has no plans to get married again.