John Mayer

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John Mayer
Quick Facts

Birthday: October 16, 1977

Hometown: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Quote: "I just want honesty. Instead of getting in a fight about some stupid sh*t and then at the end of the day being like 'Okay, can I tell you why I've been like this?' I'd rather say 'Heads up' than 'I'm sorry' later." -Cosmopolitian, May, 2008.

Lovestage: John Mayer recently broke up with aspiring actress Scheana Marie Jancan.

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John Mayer has dated numerous celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, and most recently Jennifer Aniston. He and Aniston split in March 2009. Mayer's hit song "Your Body Is A Wonderland" is rumored to be about Jennifer Love Hewitt, though she denies it.  She told People magazine "John would have written, 'Your body is a disaster.'"