Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert
Quick Facts

Birthday: January 29, 1982

Hometown: Born in Indianapolis, IN; raised in San Diego, CA

Quote: "I've had my heart broken. I've chased after people and had it not work out. Throughout my entire 20s, I've wanted to be in love. That's what I want. I think everybody deserves that. And I've only been in love once. So I'm still looking." - Adam Lambert, to 20/20

Lovestage: Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Drake LaBry, broke up in October 2009 after seeing each other for four months.

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Adam Lambert and his boyfriend, Drake LaBry, split in October 2009. The two were first spotted together in June 2009, the same month that Adam officially came out to the public via a Rolling Stone cover story. Sources say that the breakup was mutual and friendly.