9 reasons why if you date online you’re the same as a celeb
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9 reasons why if you date online you’re the same as a celeb

What is it with trends? Once one starts, you just can’t stop it! Even in the celebrity world online dating appears to be winning the awards in the world of finding love. Will there be an online Oscars or a red carpet for romance announced soon as celebs are rapidly join the growing ranks of the ONLINE DATERS to find their ‘one’ on the web? So Who’s Who in the celebrity internet dating scene? Here are 9 celebrity reasons for following the trend …

Helen Mirren
How does Helen Mirren celebrate Valentine's Day?
Celebrity Love

Valentines Day Quotes: Celebrity Edition

Would you take love advice from Johnny Depp? What about Beyonce? Some celebrities have been lucky in love, and some haven’t, but they’ve all certainly had their fair share of romance and maybe they’ve learned a thing or two.

Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly
Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa Stelly are spending the holidays with their new baby!
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Say What? 10 Celebs Talk Spending Holidays With Their Loved Ones

Whatever your holiday plans may be, enjoying time with those more important to you is most likely on the top of your list. And although they may be completely different than you and me, that’s one thing that stays the same even for our favorite celeb couples. So, how are they spending the holidays with their loved ones?

Kanye and Kim
Kim and Kanye may seem like the perfect couple.
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Will Kim Kardashian Care That Kanye's Sharing Racy Photos Of Her?

He certainly isn't shy about shouting his adoration for his lady love from the rooftops, and that's why it shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that Kanye West recently showed off pictures of Kim Kardashian to his friends. And these weren't just any photos of Kim — because the shots in question were of her wearing a bikini.

This singer is bumpalicious!
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Find Out What Shakira's Naming Her Baby!

A sizzling, dancing Shakira debuted her baby bump for the first time since announcing she was pregnant at the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup closing ceremony in Baku, Azerbaijan! Then, she shared the creative name for her bun in the oven.

What Kristen Stewart & Monica Lewinsky Have In Common [EXPERT]
Have you ever heard of "slut shaming?"
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What Kristen Stewart & Monica Lewinsky Have In Common

Rumors are swirling that Monica Lewinsky plans to pen a tell-all book about her affair with former President Clinton, and despite the fact that the book is not confirmed, the hosts of the daytime talkshow The View decided to tear into Monica Lewinsky. Not all of the women on the stage jumped on board with this, but almost all of them did, and I felt absolutely disgusted.

emma stone andrew garfield
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone took their romance from on-screen to real life.
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Can Acting Like You're In Love Lead To The Real Deal?

A study conducted on 100 speed-daters found that singles who acted like they were in love on speed dates were more likely to make a genuine connection with the person across the table from them. From physical affection to sharing your dirty secrets, "faking" love with someone, no matter how small the gestures, can land you in real love.

REPORT: Kanye West Planning to Propose
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REPORT: Kanye West Planning to Propose

According to a source close to Kanye, the rapper is planning to propose to girlfriend Kim Kardashian as soon as her divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized. The insider says Kanye asked a private jeweler to make an engagement ring out of diamonds and rubies from his late mom Donda's personal jewelry collection:

Eva Longoria
Wonder why Eva Longoria is all smiles these days.
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Rumor Has It Eva Longoria Is Dating Mark Sanchez!

The latest celebrity romance rumor is that "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria has moved on from her recent split with Eduardo Cruz with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. In Touch reports that the two of them are "testing the waters."

10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone come in at #4 on our list. Find out who's #1!
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10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011

We have to admit, it was hard to think of 10 new couples who found each other in 2011 – amidst all the headline-making breakups, it doesn't seem like love was in the Hollywood air this year. But lo and behold, when we sat down to hammer out this list of the best new couples of the year, the happy stories from the past 12 months started coming back to us.