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12 Hot Guys With Cats
Can't. Stand. The hotness!
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12 Hot Guys With Cats

Fall is here, which means it's time to put on a sweater and snuggle up to the one you love. And for a few lucky kitties, that means snuggling up to some very, very sexy gentlemen. We should all be so lucky!

Pushing Boundaries In Business And Love By Getting A Cat
No, it won't make you a crazy cat lady.
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To Succeed In Business & Love... Get A Cat?

A well-rounded, full life requires stability and happiness in both business and love! Read this expert advice on how pushing your boundaries and stepping outside your comfort zone can help you balance everything. It all starts... with a cat!

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My Cats, My Supervisors

Yes, I'll admit it. My cats rule. Let's just talk about a typical day and you'll see just what I mean. I wake up in the morning, with one cat making a ton of noise and the other is just walking back and forth over me, or maybe he's nose to my nose. I cannot do anything else, until I feed them.

cat and baby
I dare you not to say, "Awww."

8 Cute Pets Who Love To Babysit

Some people say that animal lovers are born, not made. All we know for sure is that these babies are starting early! With dogs and cats like these, who needs a babysitter — or a big sister?

Making a base camp for your cat is a good thing. Just make sure it isn't in the man cave!
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9 Ways To Help Your Partner Love Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist who stars on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," and has often been called the Cat Whisperer. One of the problems he most frequently encounters on his show, which documents his adventures counseling owners of misbehaving cats, are cats who seem to hate one half of a couple.