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Was Jesus Really Married? Christian Experts Sound In
Will we ever know for sure if Jesus was married or not?
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Was Jesus Really Married? Christian Experts Sound In

When I first heard that a professor at Harvard Divinity School found a piece of ancient papyrus indicating that Jesus had a wife, my initial reaction was one of skepticism and eye rolling. But, in the spirit of speculative fun, I thought I might do a little research. What if Jesus had been married? Would people have thought he loved his wife more than anyone else? Would it mean the God of the universe had sex with a mere mortal—much the way Zeus was rumored to do in ancient Greek mythology?

Sister Margaret Farley's book, which contains "radical feminist ideas," shocked Catholics.
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Catholic Nun Says Female Masturbation Helps Marriages

Well, well. Either there is a God after all, or the world really is coming to an end. Proof? A Catholic nun is condoning masturbation! Shocking, right? Not only that, but the maverick who's gotten the Vatican all up in arms is also down with divorce and thinks gay marriage is all the rage.

Let's pray religious schools will be more accepting of students having sex.
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10 Prudest Colleges In The Country (Including Mine, Sigh)

College Magazine recently came out with their list of the Top 10 Most Prude Colleges in the country. As a student at the seventh-prudest college of them all, Fordham University, I can say that College Magazine certainly did their research well. I'm not surprised that any of those schools made the list, especially mine.

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Why I Believe In Natural Family Planning

If you've heard the term Natural Family Planning (NFP), it's probably almost a certainty actually, that you were given some bad information about it. As someone who has practiced NFP with my wife for around six years, I know I've heard more than my fair share of misguidance from family, the media and even priests. Sometimes it's honest confusion or simply a passing along of misinformation, but other times it's a blatant attack on a somewhat mysterious practice that many in our culture chalk up to some form of crazy desire for 20 kids or an exercise in Pope-worshiping. Despite what critics say, Natural Family Planning can be good for your marriage.

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The Church Convinced Me Not To Have Sex

In any other sense of the word, I wouldn't tolerate using someone or being used. I won't date someone for his social status, befriend someone for the simple goal of getting ahead professionally, and I most certainly wouldn't sleep with an older man in exchange for being taken care of. But here I was sleeping with people because they were there, because my body had an urge, one that I clearly didn't feel the need to examine.

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You, Me And God: Interfaith Relationships

Religion has never played a large part in my life. I grew up celebrating "Christian" holidays like Easter and Christmas, but in America, these days are so mainstreamed and commercialized, they almost seem secular. I've never minded not having a religion, and I like the fact that because I'm a blank religious slate, I can approach new religions without prior assumption. I've learned Hindu traditions while in India, marveled at the Muslim mosques while in Indonesia, caroled in a Carmelite monastery, and recently visited a Zen Buddhist center for meditation.

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Mark Wahlberg And Ali Larter Get Married

OMG. Mark Wahlberg got married and so did Ali Larter... just not to each other. The actor and Entourage producer/ inspiration married long-time girlfriend and mother of his three children Rhea Durham over the weekend. And Ali Larter (NBC's Heroes) married Hayes MacArthur whom she met on the set of Stoned Age. Larter, Wahlberg and MacArthur have all appeared in Episodes of Entourage.

Polish Monk Pens Sex Book
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Polish Monk Pens Sex Book

Knotz recently wrote Sex As You Don't Know It: For Married Couples Who Love God. Nevermind that Knotz doesn't, you know, technically score—he thinks that's a moot point. Afterall, he says sex is always between you, your husband/wife AND God—and Knotz knows an awful lot about the third person in the bedroom. He runs a website called A Chance To Meet, where he answers sex questions from couples who are grappling with figuring out how to screw in a holy manner. Which, we guess sometimes boils down to sexual positions for married couples.

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Miami Priest In Hetero Scandal

The Catholic Church has been struggling a bit lately. They seem to be dealing with scandal after scandal and losing some amount of their flock. Miami priest Alberto Cutie was a bright star on the rise. But it's surfaced that the charming Father may have broken his vow of chastity (with an adult woman). Be prepared for a new conversation about whether Catholics should allow priests to be married.