Kitty snack time.
Awww ... it's kitty snack time!

Yum! 8 Adorable Cats Who Love "People Food"

Think cats only crave meat or fish? Think again! "People food" can be just as appealing to kitties as it is to dogs. And some felines enjoy a well-balanced diet — of fruit, vegetables, and even pancakes. These snacking cats give Garfield a run for his money!

Cat Saves Woman From Anorexia

Cat Saves Woman From Anorexia

A 25-year-old woman credits her relationship with a malnourished cat for helping save her life. Ashley Ransley battled anorexia for years, and at age 20, weighed the no more than a 12-year-old. At a critical point in her illness, with years of failed treatment behind her, Ashley adopted a stray cat that wandered onto her family's yard in Michigan. Weighing just three pounds, Ashley assumed the tabby was a kitten, but a vet later confirmed it was a full grown -- severely malnourished -- female.

rachel kleinman and cat
YourTango intern Rachel Kleinman and her adorable cat Fisher, back when he was tiny.
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6 "Psycho" Things Women Do That Aren't Crazy At All

It should be noted that women wouldn't be so "crazy" if it weren't for some idiot guy making us crazy with his devilish ways. And finally, a man comes to our aid and points out that sometimes our mild lunacy is somewhat warranted.

dog kisses woman

Would You Pick Your Dog Or Your Dude On V-Day?

According to a survey, 21% of 23,000 people polled would prefer to spend Valentine's Day with a pet rather than a spouse. But while there's something about pets that scream unconditional love, companionship is not romance. You can follow the link back for the gory details, but let's just say it's not a surprise that only a tenth of the French prefer dogs to people on V-Day.

Kitty Love

Kitty Love

Readers, and imaginary readers, who probably outnumber you, be aware: this will be a blog about cats. If that offends your sensibilities, then move along to more scintillating fare. Cat people, here is my issue: I think I might need to get another cat. I admit, I like cats. I didn't used to, but then I got some. I now have two. The first was adopted hesitantly and largely because of Frank. Her name is Elliott. The second was adopted off Craigslist because I thought that Elliott was lonely—she would mew and demand constant attention. I accidentally ended up with a gigantic, young, creepily smart cat named Ruggles. Elliott still cries and demands attention, except that now she also hates Ruggles. They fight. Like a lot. I come home to find fur stuck to the floor with some indeterminate fluid or kitty litter and blood everywhere. He has gashes all over him from the fighting, fortunately nothing serious, but I swear I'm going to come home one day and find him missing an eye.