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Casual Sex Study Finds Booty Calls Have Better Sex
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Casual Sex Study Finds Booty Calls Have Better Sex

Going through a dry spell? According to a recent sex study, people seeking better sex lives might consider becoming someone's booty call. That's right — science is endorsing casual sex, but moreso if you're a little bored, and if you're enjoying it in a friends-with-benefits arrangement rather than in the context of a one-night stand.

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Casual Sex: Good Or Bad? How About Both!

Two conflicting studies on relationships have been released, and the only thing they've proven is that asking science for advice is a lot like asking a room full of your drunk girlfriends for dating tips—opinions vary, plus all that white wine is giving you a headache.

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Going From Friends With Benefits To Boyfriend

We asked the top love experts to give the final word on the most-asked relationship and dating questions. In this episode of "The Final Word," we asked them how you turn a friends-with-benefits setup into a committed relationship. The real question should be: should you?

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The Power And Science Of Sexual Touch

What happens in our bodies when we touch each other sexually? Why is touch so powerful? The unromantic answer is that when we touch, our brains are affronted with a deluge of chemicals that change both us and how we relate to our partner.

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How Can I Find A Friend With Benefits?

Here is a fact: I have never had a f**k buddy/friend with benefits. This is likely for the same reason it's become common knowledge that I am incapable of having a one-night stand without getting a case of the sadz—I cannot stop myself from associating sex with love. The nature of a f**k buddy situation is that the two people involved like each other as people and as sex objects, but not as boyfriend/girlfriend material. The difference between a friends with benefits situation and a one-night-stand, of course, is that usually in the case of FWB, the two people involved already know each other and, in theory, have ruled out any interest in the other person as a potential mate, at least for the time being. Well, here's a confession: I want one. Bad.

Having The Tough Talks With Men

Having The Tough Talks With Men

I think there are a few difficult conversations that women normally initiate. Men, for the most part, will sit back and wait for a woman to bring these topics up. They're all for anything that does not disrupt that status quo. So, I thought we'd break down some of the more ...uncomfortable conversation that we all tend to have and the various situations in which we have them.

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New Plan: Give Your One-Night Stand A Gift

When you give a parting gift, it's absolutely critical that everyone is on-board with the idea that you will not be seeing each other again in this capacity; otherwise it's either courtship with a sequential problem or more of a prostitution scenario. If the sex was good, you may deserve a keepsake (I do not condone robbing someone after you just had it off with them, aight?). And if it was crummy (c'mon, it was still sex), you deserve a parting gift.

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How To Have A Last-Minute Summer Fling

Well, good work procrastinating. You may have missed your chance for getting some summer loving. But maybe not. Labor Day hasn't happened, you can still have a fantastic summer fling but it is not going to be easy. Follow these steps and you can cram an entire summer into the long weekend. It is not for the faint of heart, though.

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Men Less Picky For A One-Night Stand

Achim Schützwohl and his research team of Brunel University in London rounded up groups of American, Italian and German men and women for a little game of "who would you (hypothetically) screw" and found out men are much more likely to have a one nighter with someone they found unattractive.

Intimacy Lite
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Bridging The Gap Between Casual Sex And Commitment

I had to read their post a few times for it to fully sink in, and I suggest you do too if you suspect you’re in an intimacy lite situation. My intimacy lite story is probably a pretty typical one and it goes like this: I meet a boy. We have amazing chemistry, brain hormones go wild, love-at-first sight ensues, and is then harshly interrupted by reality.


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