Desperately Seeking A Gentleman
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Desperately Seeking A Gentleman

For some men, the art of being a gentleman is second nature. They ooze a certain sense of confidence and debonair. Whether they were raised well, its in their DNA or they were inspired by characters seen in movies, some men just know how to wow a woman.  For others, it can be a challenge. Courtmanship and courtesy are as foreign as speaking Latin. In fact, speaking Latin may be easier. Saying "Bless you" after a sneeze is as close to chivalrous as they get.

Mandy Hale The Single Woman
According to "The Carrie Bradshaw of Music City," the perfect man loves God and dancing.
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Meet Mandy Hale, The Southern Carrie Bradshaw

A few years ago, Mandy Hale ejected herself from a toxic relationship and found herself, once again, in Single Land. She was determined to seek out inspiring female role models for this new path ... but with the disappearance of "Sex in the City's" support system of solo gals, the happy single lady landscape turned out to be a bit, well, sparse.

fling girl la l.a. los angeles
Much like "Sex and the City," Fling Girl chronicles a woman's big-city dating woes.
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Meet Fling Girl: The Carrie Bradshaw Of L.A.

Right when I thought they'd finally closed the lid on a "Sex and the City" remake, they go and cast Anna Sophia Rob as young Carrie Bradshaw for a new television series.

Sarah Jessica Parker sjp i don't know how she does it
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Sarah Jessica Parker Juggles Love & Career In New Movie

In "Sex and the City," the landmark 90s television series, Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw character was the dream girl for millions of young women who fantasized about living in the big city, dating hot guys and wearing fabulous shoes (and not necessarily in that order). Now, Carrie appears to have grown up: Parker—as ever, enviably thin, chic, and charmingly rumpled—is starring in "I Don't Know How She Does It," which opens this weekend.

woman jumping with shopping bags
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Surprise! Single Women Don't Shop Like Carrie Bradshaw

Single women, rejoice: The New York Times has confirmed that you aren't actually like Carrie Bradshaw. While pop culture's single women have a reputation bankrupting themselves on shopping sprees, the typical single woman actually spends her money on practical ventures like housing and transportation. In fact, single women spend less than 5 percent of their income on clothing, haircuts, manicures, and the like.