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Don't Let Debt Ruin Your Love Life

D-E-B-T is a dirty four letter word in any love relationship. Money seems to be a sensitive subject for most, yet the topic cannot be avoided when you’re sharing your life with someone. As debt surfaces in your relationship, the tensions rise and daily interactions between you and your partner drastically change. For folks who have debt that is out of control, they are often stuck in a spiral of negative emotions. Feelings that can range from regret to shame, guilt to embarrassment, hopelessness to despair, disappointment to depression, worry to fear and frustration to rage. As arguments escalate and fears rise, the feelings can become more than either person can handle. You’re left feeling like the world is spinning out of control and you’re not quite sure how to get off the ride.

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How To Talk About Money Without Getting Upset

Money is one of those super-charged topics that can turn a conversation from lukewarm to boiling in an instant. Money conversations can bring even the level-headed to an emotional breaking point when their anxiety rises to the surface. Is it our mistaken beliefs about money (that we'd miraculously be happier, better looking, attractive, secure etc. if we had more of it) that has created the place for such a hot button response? It's a good question to ask because our lack of understanding about why we react the way we do is one of the reasons we're plagued with such childlike fears around money. To gain control of your money fears, first you have to understand them.

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7 Signs He's Dating You For Your Money

As documented in our piece, "The Rise Of The Sugar Mama," the age of the female gold digger is over. These days it's men who are dating women for their money. So how do you know if a man is after you or your wallet? The YourTango Experts sound in.

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7 Tips For Living With The Unemployed

The economy is supposedly in recovery, but layoffs are still prominent in virtually every industry. Many more people than usual can relate to a phenomenon usually restricted to the over-60 set: living with an unemployed spouse.

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4 Reasons To Date The Unemployed

Historically when a woman found out a man she wanted to date was unemployed, she would go running for the hills. But these days, with the recession affecting people in all professions, many recently laid-off men actually make very promising boyfriends. Chances are high that these men worked in law, banking, or another field that requires a decent amount of education, intelligence, and motivation. So while these men may fall into the dreaded unemployed category, they are still desirable, and maybe even more desirable than men who still have jobs. Here are four reasons why starting to date someone who's been laid off can actually be better than someone who has to go to work every day.

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Saving Money—And Your Relationship—After Job Loss

Times are tough and, these days, jobs are lost as regularly as kids lose their baby teeth. In a relationship, when one partner becomes unemployed, it can be a challenge to stay upbeat and supportive. One YourTango user came to us for advice on the matter. We asked the stars of our new series Still Life Love Advice to tell us: how do you save money and your relationship when your love gets laid off?