Christopher Hitchens
Writer Christopher Hitchens died yesterday, Dec. 15, after battling esophageal cancer.
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Christopher Hitchens On Porn, Cheating & Women

Christopher Hitchens's most valuable asset was his scathing wit. From his famous digs at religion to his humiliating takedown of Sarah Palin — and even some snippy comments aimed at cats — read the brilliant writer's most incendiary jabs.

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4 Facts About Breast Cancer That Will Surprise You

Every October, or Breast Cancer Awareness Month as it's known, the little pink ribbons come out in droves. We get inundated with info about BSEs (breast self-exams), annual mammos, and all the latest technology out there for breast cancer prevention. And it's amazing, but sometimes the little-known but surprising facts about breast cancer aren't the ones most publicized. Yet, they might be extremely helpful.

5 ways to re-invent your Relationship after Chronic Illness
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5 ways to re-invent your Relationship after Chronic Illness

“It takes a really big man to love a really big scar.” –Carly Simon I worked for nine years in Lubbock, Texas as an intimacy and sex counselor for cancer patients. They taught me more than any textbook or class. I celebrated their success with them, prayed for their healing with them, and sat by their bedside with their loved one when they took their last breaths. Many people would call that a depressing job, but I never lived as fully as when I worked with this population.

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Breastfeeding Can Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer risk can be lowered in African-American women by breastfeeding, new research suggests. Research led by Julie R. Palmer, ScD, of Boston University, found that having multiple children raised the risk of a kind of aggressive breast cancer known as ER-negative, but that breastfeeding reduced it.

Mandy Moore
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New Online Dating Website Targets Sexless Singles

Societal pressures say we should consummate our relationships by the third date. But what if you're uninterested in sex, want to wait until you are married, or are physically unable to do the deed? It can be hard to find (and keep) a date for those who want loving relationships without physical intimacy. But not anymore: is the online dating site for you if you count yourself among the sexless.

sun in cancer astrology
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The Sun In Cancer: Get Ready For Romance!

We've now successfully exited Gemini and the sun has entered Cancer—so what does this mean for your relationship? Only good things! Expect lots of eating, snuggling and sweet talk for the next month. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and arguably the most sensitive and nurturing. Cancer's ruling planet is the moon, which is associated with motherhood and femininity. Indeed, those born between June 21st and July 22nd are natural caretakers and pride themselves on therapeutic listening skills and culinary talents.

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Uh-Oh: 50 Percent Of Men May Have HPV

Well, this isn't good news. A study released in the Lancet by Moffitt Cancer Center indicates that half of men aged 18 to 70 in Mexico, Brazil and the U.S. may be affected by the human papillomavirus (HPV), known as the leading cause of cervical cancer. Until now, most of the attention given to HPV has focused on how the disease endangers women. What most people may not know is that in addition to causing cervical cancer and genital warts in women, HPV can cause cancer of the head, neck, mouth, the tongue, tonsils, genitals and anus in both sexes.

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My Abusive Ex Wants Me Back

It's tragic that he got sick just a few months after you met and you weren't able to realize the potential of your relationship. But that doesn't mean you should try to realize it now. It is, after all, a different relationship than what you had a year ago. The potential is no longer the same.

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For Women, Sex Problems Common After Breast Cancer

Every year, 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and new reports have shown that the vast majority of survivors hesitate to discuss the sex problems caused by treatment. According to the Journal of Sexual medicine, seven out of ten survivors report difficulty having sex after cancer. In light of these findings, doctors interviewed by CNN are encouraging patients to express their concerns instead of hiding them.

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How To Cope When HPV Steals Your Fertility

After 13 years of regular pap tests and generally healthy living, a then-31 year-old Christine Baze was diagnosed with cervical cancer two weeks after her gynecologist had informed her that she had HPV—human papillomavirus. There are nearly 200 known types of HPV; some lead to a variety of cancers, including cervical cancer. In the eight years since then, Baze has founded The Yellow Umbrella, a nonprofit dedicated to educating women about HPV prevention. In this article, she tells her story and gives valuable advice on how to deal with—and prevent—this tricky virus.