Dreaming Big!
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Dreaming Big!

Can you remember the things that you used to dream about as a child?  Can you close your eyes and visualize the things you spent your childhood thinking about, exploring and daydreaming of?  I can! When I close my eyes I vividly see me as a young girl in my bedroom listening to the Jackson 5 on my grandmother’s old stereo and dreaming about being Randy Jackson’s wife the architect/interior designer (Michael Jackson's little brother...Not American Idols Randy Jackson!)  

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The Worst Thing You Can Do When He Hasn't Called

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about dating protocol regarding whether we should go ahead and call him, or wait it out and see if he comes around. It got me thinking about this topic and what’s really going on with this whole "should I call him?", "how long should I wait before it’s ok to call him?", etc. Why do we put so much of our energy into trying to figure out this simple decision? Because it has such implications. Or does it? Does it really matter if we call him or not?

Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It [EXPERT]
Think before you text!
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Why He Keeps You Waiting By The Phone & How To Handle It

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a new guy for coffee and have a great first date. The week goes by. He texts once or twice, but does not ask about the weekend. Then, he finally calls you, on Friday, to talk about the weekend. "Are you free tonight?" he asks. Well, you purposely left the weekend open hoping he would call. So you say, "Yes". You go out and have another great date. Then, you don't hear from him all week, except for some texting. This time, you can't take it. You want to know what is going to happen for the weekend. You can't stand this waiting game.

eHarmony Presents: The Olympic Dating Games 2012
No need to be an Olympian to win a gold medal in eHarmony's 2012 Dating Games.
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4 Gold-Medal Dating Rules For Singles

Worry not, non-athletic individuals of the world. Sure, we don't excel in sport, but that doesn't mean we aren't good at other games. Take dating, for example.

love book
There's no finite book of rules when it comes to dating -- that's why these surveys exist!
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Dating Rules: Are Young Singles Getting More Traditional?

If dating had hard and fast rules, there would be no single people. The world would be a relatively happy place where everyone was in love and beamed happiness as they held hands in the park and merrily frolicked along. ...Right?

How to move on if your date won't return your calls, texts, emails, Facebook messages...
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Never Heard From Your Date Again? 4 Things To Remember

You haven't just been slow-faded. You've been Houdini-ed. But hey, at least you're not letting it get you down, right Crazy Eyes? And you're definitely not about to text them again just to make sure they got your last few calls and text messages since, you know, your phone has been acting kind of weird all week? After all, you're keeping the following in mind…

A Note To Wannabe Sexologists
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A Note To Wannabe Sexologists

Last December, I facilitated a session which defined sex, sexuality and intimacy during SlutTalk, a fringe event under SlutWalk Singapore. It was the inspiration for an earlier piece on publichouse.sg with the same title here. After my session, I thought I was off-work, resumed my civilian status, and was easing into my seat. An undergraduate lady sitting next to me began small talk by first remarking that I look nothing like my namecard/ website/ media pictures.

woman mustache
Sometimes "being a man" is not a compliment.
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6 Very "Male" Dating Mistakes Women Make

"Typical man." Ever heard a friend say that? Or be the one to say it? We're taught that for the most part, men just don't care as much as we do. We're taught that they are not as sensitive as we are, that they don't pay attention as much as we do or read into things like we do. Unfortunately, we're guilty of a lot of the same stuff.

texting annoyed girl
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Why Does He Only Text, Not Call Me?

Where have all the gentlemen gone? In this video from Fox News iMag, resident "bartender" Tobi Dragotta explores the oft-vexing question of why some men prefer to communicate via short, impersonal bits of text rather than hear someone's voice. How do you get a man to put in some effort and call you?

woman waiting with phone
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Revealed: 5 Reasons Men Don't Call You Back

How many times have you waited too long for a man to call and ask you out again after you had an amazing time together? He seemed truly interested, but then you never hear from him again. Why does this happen for so many women? And what does it mean about men? Here are the different reasons men do this.

25 Really Bad Excuses To Call Him

25 Really Bad Excuses To Call Him

Occasionally, he has a good reason for not calling you back. Generally, the reason involves lycanthropy, alien abduction or the velociraptor flu. But, for the most part, things must not be working. This goes double for a breakup, irrespective of who initiated it. Maybe you absolutely can't help but calling him, here are 25 ways that you do not want to start the conversation

dating and technology

5 Dating And Technology Rules You Need To Know

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we seek, nurture, and experience intimacy. Beyond the coy status updates, drunken emails and occasional sexting, we find soulmates on dating sites, we fight over IM, make up over email, then go on Facebook to announce to the world our renewed devotion. Gadgets make our love lives better, but they also enable mixed messages, vague sentiments and other bits of intentional or unintentional confusion.

Is LeAnn Rimes still pining for Eddie Cibrian?
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Is LeAnn Rimes Stalking Eddie Cibrian?

According to Us Weekly, Eddie Cibrian's wife Brandi is speaking out and revealing that LeAnn Rimes is a stalker. "She refuses to leave us alone - it is shameful and scary," Brandi says. "People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance." She goes on to say that Eddie had to change his phone number to end her "constant texting and calling." And according to Brandi, it was no coincidence that both LeAnn and Eddie were both at the L.A. Lakers game on May 17th. She is sure that LeAnn tracked him down.

couple's wires crossed
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Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Compatibility was already complicated enough. She's an only-child; he's from a family of 12. He's a meticulous planner; she's fly-by-her-seat spontaneous. She's all urban; he's a rustic nature lover. But technology is fast adding an entirely new layer of compatibility for would-be couples. And it can suss out the potential for a relationship in a matter of dates, reports Monica Hesse for Washington Post Styles.