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Celebrate Your Love Without Breaking The Bank
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Celebrate Your Love Without Breaking The Bank

Valentine's Day can be a great opportunity to create more intimacy and connection in your relationship.  We put a lot pressure on doing something big and expensive, when in reality, romance can be created easily without spending a lof money. Watch as  we share with you some of our favorite ways to create real intimacy on Valentine's Day - or any day that you choose to celebrate your love for one another!

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Can You And Your Partner Afford A Career Change?

A voluntary career change involving a serious pay cut isn't necessarily easy to cope with. If your significant other has come to you wanting to talk about a career change, hopefully it's something you can believe in, like supporting his lifelong desire to be a teacher, not joining his little brother's garage band. But even if your heart's behind him and your relationship's rock solid, it doesn't mean that your finances will be, too.

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How To Compromise On A Household Budget

There are necessities, like running water, and then there are "necessities," like HBO and a weekly pedicure. When you're single and supporting only yourself, you have every right to declare keeping your toes in the latest shade of blush a priority. But once you join budgets with your partner, it's important that you both agree on which expenses qualify as non-negotiable.

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16 Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys

Valentine's Day always sticks us somewhere in gift-giving limbo: how can we celebrate the guys we love without getting too sappy about it? Well, for starters, try some of these gifts on for size (no matter the size of your budget). Whether he's an outdoorsman or a music, meat or travel lover, we have something for every type of guy.

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From Dual Income To No Income

When couples get hitched they agree, often in front of large audiences, to support each other through the thick and thin. It's well understood that there will be times when one of the partners in the union will need a bit of propping up. But what happens when both partners need a boost?

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Saving Money—And Your Relationship—After Job Loss

Times are tough and, these days, jobs are lost as regularly as kids lose their baby teeth. In a relationship, when one partner becomes unemployed, it can be a challenge to stay upbeat and supportive. One YourTango user came to us for advice on the matter. We asked the stars of our new series Still Life Love Advice to tell us: how do you save money and your relationship when your love gets laid off?

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Ronson Now Playing Sugardaddy To Lohan

It's not easy to get by in the land of plenty these days. One in ten American homeowners are either behind in their mortgage payments or already in foreclosure. 20% of LA County residents are currently unemployed or underemployed. And at least one Hollywood celebrity is scrambling to pay the bills on yet another pair of ugly Lycra-blend leggings. Yes, recession-fighting friends, we're talking about Lindsay Lohan – who, despite being a tabloid favorite, hasn't had a movie role since her 2007 flop I Know Who Killed Me. "It's scary when you realize, 'Oh my God, I'm not working. And I have a house to pay for now,' " Lohan says in April's Nylon.

Romance On A Budget

Romance On A Budget

Love may not cost a thing but dating, unfortunately, does. But being strapped for cash doesn't need to put a damper on fun... or romance. Cheap dates can be more memorable than an over-the-top evening which like New Year's Eve, may be better in fantasy than in reality. Even if money is no object, paring down can force you to get creative with your dates, creating closeness that a concert or movie can't provide.