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This $26,000 Mistake Cost A Man His Fiancée

When you think of a "man cave" you might picture a comfortable Lazy Boy, a few sports posters and a big flat screen. But this guy's themed man cave ended up scaring away his fiancée. Do you think she had a right to leave?

Greta Gerwig as Lola and Joel Kinnaman as Luke in 'Lola Versus.'
Greta Gerwig as Lola and Joel Kinnaman as Luke in 'Lola Versus.'
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'Lola Versus' Review: Don't Ditch Your Friends If You Get Dumped

We all have that one friend who went through the breakup she cannot stop talking about. If it was three weeks ago, you get it. It's still raw. If it was three months ago, okay. You figure she and her ex were together for awhile. She thought she'd found The One. Of course it still hurts. But after three months, well, it's time for your friend to shut up already, if you even hang out anymore.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling [EXPERT]
We live in a world where more than 40% of all marriages fail.
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Top 5 Reasons To Try Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling gets a bad rap. The popular belief that there is something wrong with your relationship if you need counseling just isn't true. Most premarital clients are very happy and not having doubts about their wedding. They simply seek skills to prepare for predictable challenges of marriage. Yes, marriage is challenging, but most of the challenges are easy to overcome.

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Celebrity Couples Who Have Called Off Their Weddings [GALLERY]

Don't throw the rice just yet! Looks like wedding bells won't be ringing after all for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Butler and Kat Von D and Jesse James. The two couples announced the end of their engagements within the past two days leaving celeb-watchers either scratching or nodding their heads in agreement or disappointment.

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Why I'm Selling My Engagement Ring

I feel guilty that I have this ring that was a symbol of his promise to marry me, which I accepted as a symbol of my promise to marry him, and I see now that we shouldn't have been making those promises to each other.


Best Of The Web: New Year's Eve!

Don't get too desperate this New Year's Eve. A perspective on one-night stands. New Year's resolution: better sex. Why you wouldn't want to date a porn star. How to tell when your spouse has more or less become a stranger. A woman sues over a broken engagement. Five mistakes that guys make dating, it's up to you to fix 'em. Advice for a woman who fell for her friend's step dad. What is the perfect New Year's Eve for dudes? How to make a New Year's Eve one-night stand happen. How do you know if you're wife material? How to become girlfriend material. Best breakup songs for the lonely-hearted.

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We're Through. Should I Sell The Engagement Ring?

When Mr. "I think he's the one!" turns into Mr. "Bullet Dodged," what do you do with the rock left behind? You may love bling, but you don't want to wear the karma of relationships past on your finger. Sometimes, the only reasonable thing to do is to sell that bad boy, but selling a diamond is more complicated than unloading that treadmill you bought last January and never used.

Levi And Bristol: It's Off!
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Levi And Bristol: It's Off!

Last week we told you that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's second engagement might be on the rocks because Levi allegedly knocked up an ex-girlfriend, and now E! has confirmed that the camouflage-adorned wedding of Bristol's girlish dreams is off. Again. But Lanesia Garcia's pregnancy is reportedly not the reason.

Kelly Osbourne dumps Luke Worrall
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Kelly Osbourne Dumps Her Cheating Fiancé

Since their engagement was first announced on Facebook, it only seems right that Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall's breakup was also posted on the social networking site. Apparently, Kelly and Luke got into a bit of FB bitch-fight, in which Kelly claimed that Luke cheated on her. Both parties later took down their dirty laundry—all but one clear message from Kelly: "Luke Worrall makes me sick."