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Wedding Hairstyles: 5 Wedding Traditions Worth Ditching
Let your wedding break the mold.
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5 Wedding Traditions Worth Ditching

For many, wedding traditions are an important and valued part of their special day. However, some of these old customs can seem a little unnecessary in the eyes of the modern woman. Don't be afraid to mix things up and plan your wedding day exactly how you want it.

25 Awesome Wedding Gifts For Brides, Grooms, And Everyone Else
Too cute!
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25 Awesome Wedding Gifts For Brides, Grooms, And Everyone Else

So your wedding day is drawing closer. Congrats! Do you have everything in line? By which we mean, do you have gifts for everyone? (And yes, these days pretty much everyone gets a gift). Did you remember all the bridesmaids, ushers and even your parents? No? Okay, be calm, we've got you. Check out this list of awesome gifts for everyone even vaguely connected with your wedding. You can thank us later.

Emma stone is just one of the stars Joe wrangled.
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Groom Makes Epic, Star-Studded Video For His Bride

Sky reporter Joe Michalczuk of Britain really took wedding gifts to a new level when he presented his bride with this video of countless stars wishing them well. From Hugh Jackman to Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy, this is a stellar group of stars, all full of love (my personal favorite is Miss Piggy). Watch and enjoy!

You can help plan one couple's dream wedding!
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BRIDES & YourTango Are Having A Facebook Party!

It's time we had another Facebook party. So that's what we're going to do! Join YourTango and BRIDES, May 1 at 2pm EST on our Facebook page to join the discussion on wedding rings with Lauren Gores, host of the BRIDES Live Wedding series.

wedding dress
It's a big decision, but there are more benefits than you may think.
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Something Borrowed: Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Dress

While there are lots of women who invest in their dresses as heirloom objects to be passed down to generations behind them, Rent the Runway is betting that there are plenty out there who want a more spendthrift option: renting your dress for your big day. The designer rental site just for the first time launched bridal rentals online, and yes: actual wedding gowns are part of the mix!

Wedding: Get Inspired By This Hilarious Best Man Speech
Nothing like a little music to liven things up!
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Get Inspired By This Hilarious Best Man Speech

When it comes to best man or maid of honor wedding toasts, some can go wrong. And we mean very wrong. But here is a prime example of a wedding toast that scored in all the right ways. Take notes, and get inspired for your next best man speech.

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One rule? Skip the honeymoon for now!
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12 Wedding Rules You Should Break

From formal invitations to having the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, these are some of the so-called wedding rules a bride should feel free to break (and change to make her own).