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The Power Of Letting Go: How To Get Over Your Ex Faster
You've physically left the relationship and now it's time to emotionally let go.
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The Power Of Letting Go: How To Get Over Your Ex Faster

Life coach David Wygant wants you to move on from your ex. And now just to prove him wrong but to grow as a person who deserves love and happiness. Read on to learn the tips that will help you grow and change into the beautiful woman you know you are.

Dating Coach: How To Meet Men
Who knows who you'll bump into on the street!
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Ladies, You Should Always Be Dating

This dating coach wants you to know you're strong, beautiful and special. You deserve to let the world see who you are. And one more thing... you never know who you're going to run into!

Love Quotes: Breakup Quotes To Mend Your Broken Heart
Not ready to let go?
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14 Breakup Quotes To Heal Your Broken Heart

Breaking up is never easy. But the positive side to a breakup is what we can learn about ourselves. Taking a hiatus from love affords us the chance to get reacquainted with ourselves. Here are some of the most heart-wrenching, true love quotes to get you through a split.

Breaking Up... Badly

Breaking Up... Badly

We started asking ourselves: why would someone ever write to an advice columnist, when history's filled with people who have gone through similar situations? So we started this series so we could get answers from real experience.* This week, we got a letter from a woman whose "boyfriend" doesn't want to break up. Check out what Simone de Beauvoir, Joan of Arc, Marc Antony and more have to tell her.** We call it Dear History. Enjoy. 

The Love Lies You Tell Yourself After A Breakup
Stop moping!
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The 5 Lies You Tell Yourself After A Breakup

Whether I'm the one doing the breaking-up, or the one left crying in a Chipotle wondering what I'm doing with my life, the end of relationships still leave me lost and confused. But I'm here to tell ya, it's best to let go and move on, sistah! It's time to break ourselves of the five lies mentally repeated after breakups.

woman looking at computer
Stop Googling him!

Why You Really Need To Delete Your Ex

A breakup typically means moving out and moving on, but there's one way we still stay connected to our ex: through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Are you obsessively checking your ex's profile? Watch this video first, and then step away from the computer!

Relationship Advice: Should We Stay Together For The Dog?
But what about our furry baby?
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Should We Stay Together ... For The Dog?

As a serial monogamist, I've been in three serious, long-term relationships in close succession over the past 12 years. Every time I thought about breaking up, I looked at my little dog Moxie sitting across from me on the sofa with those piercing brown eyes and wondered what it would mean for him. People with kids scoff at us pet people for the bonds we make with four-leggers, but he may as well have been a child, and I know my ex feels the same way.

Are You Guilty Of Drama Dumping?
Seriously? It's not that bad.
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Are You Guilty Of Drama Dumping?

Does drama follow you everywhere? It might be because you've never really worked on replacing bad behaviors with more positive ones. Don't let a communication gap end in a breakup: learn to argue fairly.