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engagement chicken recipe contest
Could your romantic recipe be the next Engagement Chicken?
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Contest: We Are Looking For The Next Engagement Chicken!

By now you may have heard about "Engagement Chicken"—the roast chicken recipe supposedly responsible for inspiring men to propose to their girlfriends. Well, we are on the hunt for the next "engagement chicken"... that is, some special dish which, when you prepare it for your sweetheart, inspires him to commit some specific, romantic act.

woman eating french fries
If you're trying to impress a girl, you should probably shell out $6.99 for some fries.

Dating Disaster: "I'll Pay For Your Drink, But Not Your Fries"

The sparks were not exactly flying in the first place, but it was when I ordered french fries to go with my vod-cran (which I made sure never to let out of my sight) and he gave me the "side eye" that I realized things were really not going to work out.

coffee vs cocktail on first date
Which is the better first-date beverage: a cocktail or a coffee?

Poll: Coffee Vs. Cocktail—Which Is The Better First-Date Drink?

Among the decisions one makes when going on a first date (heels vs flats, who will pick up the check, etc.) lies the question of where to spend said first date. And, for most of us, the question comes down to: should we meet for coffee or for a drink?

pumpkin patch
Make fall sweeter with your sweetheart by your side!
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5 Dates That Will Make Your Fall A Little Sweeter

Doesn't the fall season make you cherish your relationship a little more? After a summer of sweltering temperatures, which can bring out even the temper in even the most mild-mannered couples, the cool breezes of fall are a nice change.