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Wouldn't YOU marry the person who baked this pie?

The Pie That Got Me Married

My husband and I come from different worlds. He comes from solid Midwestern stock. They repress their feelings, eat casserole and play baseball. My family? We're a mess of anxiety disorders, we listen to Gilbert and Sullivan and our favorite sport is Chinese Checkers. So, the moment Dave proposed, and I said "yes," I knew I had to do something.

'See, I Can Actually Cook!' Stuffed Peppers

'See, I Can Actually Cook!' Stuffed Peppers

So, I don't cook. Not really. I'm very good at "preparing" things, like salad. I'm also exceptional at cleaning up after a meal, which is why my relationship works so well. My fiance is a great cook, and thankfully, he loves to do it.  Every once in a blue moon, I get the urge to "cook," which for me means following a recipe.

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Sometimes it's hard to go for the healthy option.

I'm On A Diet, My Boyfriend Loves Bacon: How We Deal

In January of this year, I began my love affair with vegetables. It started as a weight-loss mission; I was overweight and looking to dig myself out of the hole of shame that extra helpings of spaghetti and pints of ice cream had buried me in. I lost about 30 pounds. Then, as April came to a close, I began another love affair...

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Are gay men really more likely to be foodies?
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Lesbians Love Tequila & More National Coming Out Day Factoids

Are gay and lesbian eating and drinking habits all that different from those of straight people? A marketing company called Target 10 has created an infographic depicting the eating, drinking and nightlife preferences of gays and lesbians, contrasting them with those of straight folks. Ready for some thought-provoking factoids?

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Here's your Pumpkin Irish Coffee, dear!
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6 Fall Cocktails That Will Make Your Date Swoon

Fall is here — it's getting chillier every day, at least here in New York — so why not warm things up with some hot cocktails? Whether you're planning on entertaining a date, a group of friends or just yourself, these cocktail recipes are perfect for these crisp autumn days.