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pizza date
Our relationship started at Pizza Hut, back in high school.

Foodies In Love: How We Went From Pizza To An Engagement Ring

I was 14 years old, and to be honest, back then I was more concerned with my grades at school and the newest Justin Timberlake CD than boys. He was in the same class as me and a typical awkward teen boy: shy, had braces, but cute in that dorky sort of way. Growing up in the same neighborhood, Alex and I used to walk the same route home from school every day. After he sheepishly asked me out one day, I reluctantly said okay.

Did you know that papaya can improve your lust life?
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Lust-Provoking Foods To Rev You Up

Few human instincts are as compelling as the desire for sexual connection. Throughout time, the moment our basic survival needs—food, shelter, protection from large, furry animals—have been met, we've sought sexual union, both for procreation and pleasure. And universal though it may be, sex is still the most enduring enigma.

drinking wine couple
Do you drink on all of your dates?
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Drinking As A Couple: Do Or Don't?

I knew my one-and-a-half year relationship was "for real" when alcohol stopped being a regular part of our dates. The first few dates are always a little awkward, so there's no harm in a glass of wine or two — plus, it gives you some ready-made conversation topics...

romantic dinner
Skip the downtown bistro for a cozy night in.
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4 Romantic Dinners To Make At Home

What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner for two? Forget about meeting your date at the fancy downtown restaurant: Hosting an at-home dinner date is a great idea whether you and your date are just getting acquainted or you're looking to rekindle the romance with a longtime lover.

woman Dining Alone
Eating out alone helped me learn to enjoy being single.

Table For One: What My Breakup Taught Me About Dining Alone

It all began when I was in New York City killing time before a business meeting. Having always loved dining out, I was happy to stumble upon an enticing-looking restaurant called the Banc Café. I walked in and requested a table for one — I was freshly out of a relationship, so this seemed like a bold move at the time.

couples tiramisu
Tiramisu, also known as "Tuscan Viagra"
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22 Best Recipes To Make As A Couple

Finally, the best recipes to cook as a couple are all under one roof. We've collected recipes from our staff, bloggers and website partners to compile a comprehensive list of recipes that lend themselves particularly well to a couple in the kitchen. From sweet to savory, these recipes are best enjoyed as a pair.

fast food
"Daddy just walked in with a greasy bag of fries? Let me at 'em!"
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Will My Husband's Bad Eating Habits Rub Off On Our Kid?

It's not rocket science that incoporating healthy foods intp family meals will result in a child with better eating habits. As far as I see it, pretty soon my husband will either have to shape up his diet, or start eating drive-thru fare in his car.

couple drinking
Is drinking together not a valid couples' hobby? Oops.
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5 'Beertails' To Make Your Boyfriend Try, Stat

What happens if you find yourself making drinks at home — and your boyfriend likes beer, while you're a Tequila Sunrise gal? Should you just make your own separate drinks? Nope. BO-RING. Obviously, you should make beertails as a couple.

The creator of 'Gindo's Spice of Life' says every girl dreams about a 'Hot Saucier!'
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Hot Sauce Specialist Chris Ginder Shares Spicy Love Life Secrets

Want to spice up your life? Well, Chris Ginder (or 'Gindo,' as his friends call him) knows how! The LA mixologist and home chef created Gindo’s Spice of Life, a special hot sauce made famous by a 'Top Chef' winner! Gindo is dishing out all his spicy secrets on cooking, love & his favorite date hot-spots.

Straight Edge
My boyfriend, AJ, in his Syracuse Straight Edge jacket.
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I Love My Non-Drinker Boyfriend ... & My White Wine

Oct. 17 is National Edge Day, an under-the-radar holiday founded by those who refer to themselves as "straight edge." In honor of this day—and because my boyfriend is straight edge, while I love myself a good bottle of wine (yes, bottle!)—I thought it was important to share just how easy it really is, as one who drinks, to date and fall in love with a non-drinker.

ice cream
Does your love of ice cream betray your love of something else?
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What Your Favorite Food Says About Your Sex Life

Ever wondered what your dish of choice says about your sex life? Are you adventurous in bed or do you hold back? What's your favorite position? All these questions and more can be answered by this highly scientific photo gallery.