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Flaming B-52? Cosmopolitan? Which Cocktail Is Your Sex Life?
Bottoms up!
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Flaming B-52? Cosmopolitan? Which Cocktail Is Your Sex Life?

Who you are between the sheets? Are you a dominating daredevil or a submissive vixen? Do you let yourself go or do you hold yourself back? Whatever your idea of a perfect night in bed is — from getting it on atop every surface or spooning with your significant other — these decadent mixed drinks are sure to set the mood. We match your sex life to the perfect mixed drink.  

Dating Rules: How To Navigate A Dinner Date
"Don't freak out, but guess what I'm going to order?"
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Dating & Dining: Are The Old Rules Outdated?

First dates can be overwhelming, especially if they involve a meal. These modern dating rules outline what old tips have gone stale, and what advice you should definitely still be following. Play your cards right, and he'll be hungry for a second date!

Sex: 10 Weirdest Aphrodisiac Foods From Around The World
What the heck is Fugu?
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10 Weirdest Aphrodisiac Foods From Around The World

Everyone's heard of the mystical powers of Spanish Fly, but what other wild and crazy aphrodisiac foods are out there? To get in the mood, would you drink cobra blood, or eat any number of animal penises? Frankly, it just seems easier to get some Viagra. But we thought we'd share some the shocking libido-boosters from all across the globe in case you change your mind.

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For each Love With Food snack box you receive, one is donated to a hungry child!
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Take Our Survey & Win A Year Of Snacks Delivered To Your Door!

Imagine answering your door and being hand-delivered a box of scrumptious, gourmet, organic snacks — once a month for an entire year. It could happen to you! All you have to do is take our quick, super-fun survey about the delicious intersection of food and love. In other words, we want to know how food plays into your romantic life. Do you prefer dinner dates or cocktail dates? Do you do the cooking or does your partner? Stuff like that. Here's how to enter to win.

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Don't let food be a substitute for real love!

When Food Is Love: 7 Expert Ways to Combat Emotional Eating

When you have an argument with your significant other, do you reach for a pint of ice cream or a bag of barbecue chips? If you’re feeling lonely, do you find comfort in a bowl of mac and cheese or a slice of pizza? If so, you may be suffering from emotional eating disorder. Here's how to combat the problem.

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"Food itself is language."

4 Incredible Love Lessons We Can Learn From Cooking

I'm one half of the team behind the food blog, A Mouse Bouche, which I have been co-writing with my sister Megan ("The Mouse") since 2007. We are not food professionals, we are working artists who love to eat, love to cook, and love to talk about eating and cooking. Although we write about food and share recipes, we think of it more as a blog about life... through the important lens of snacking.