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One tip? Treat yourself for a change!
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13 Ways To (Finally!) Get Over Your Breakup

Okay, breakups suck. And when you have a broken heart, renting Ryan Gosling's entire body of work from Netflix definitely helps. But sometimes it pays to get a little more creative. We're totally inspired by these post-split pick-me-ups (R-Patz, take note!).

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Should you give your ruined relationship a second try?
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Should You Reconcile With An Ex?

Pining for the "good old days" with your ex can be a nice break from your daily routine, but when is it a good idea to hold out hope of reconciliation? Well, there are three foundational requirements for a healthy relationship. Read on to find out what they are!

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Would you consider polyamory?

How Sleeping Around Saved My Relationship

On the verge of a breakup, Catherine and her boyfriend decided to give an open relationship a try. Here, she explains the logistics of hooking up with her boyfriend’s blessing (is cuddling allowed?), and how their unusual arrangement has cemented their bond as a couple.

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Ask yourself, "Shouldn't I move on from this breakup already?"
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The Importance Of Breaking Up With Your Ex

You may realize the healthiest thing for you to do is to really break up with your ex. Stop calling. Stop texting. Stop driving by his house, his job or his hangouts. Ask yourself, "Do I really want this person if she or he stays exactly the same?" If you realize the answer is no, it's time to break up with your ex!

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Ughh, why do we always fall for these 'bad' types?
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Date This Guy, Not That Guy

Do you have a 'type'? Chances are, even if you do date different kinds of guys, you probably have at least some threads that coincide between your choices. If that type hasn't been working out for you lately, it's time to try a new kind of fella.

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Don't stay tethered to your past.
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Welcome To 'Break Up With Your Ex' 2013!

Digital connections, like Facebook and Instagram can keep you wrapped up in unhealthy attachments to former partners. So do old habits, like picking the same "type" all the time — even though it never works out. We want you move on and (eventually) find new love, so we're devoting two weeks to helping you cut ties for good.

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Ex sex can be tempting. What's the best way to avoid it?

Contest: Tell Us The Best Way To Avoid Ex Sex—In 10 Words Or Less

We've teamed up with Astroglide, maker of personal lubricants and other sexy products, to seek out advice on a very real and dreaded part of the post-breakup period: avoiding ex sex! Between now and February 12, tell us the best way to avoid ex sex and you'll be entered to win fabulous Astroglide prizing.