How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

This landed in my inbox the other day: "My ex and I had been going out for a year and a half. He had expressed so many times how much he cared about me and all that jazz. About two months ago he was talking with his parents (he is 18 and still lives with them) and they convinced him that I was not right for him because of my religion. He left and we played the text messaging game backwards and forwards. He came back after I mentioned I was simply going to hang out with this guy he used to be jealous of.

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How YourTango Helped Readers Get Over Their Exes

On February 13, 2011, YourTango celebrated the very first annual Break Up With Your Ex Day, a day on which we urged people to let go of painful memories, insidious social media connections and dead weight relationship baggage in an attempt to move on in both love and life. We asked you to unfollow, untag, delete, block and erase. How did YourTango readers do?