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Brad Pitt's Mom Wants Him With Jennifer Aniston

Everyone has an opinion on Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston these days, including Brad Pitt's mother. With the three megastars living in the New York area this spring, Jen in the city filming The Baster, and Brad and Angie on Long Island while Angelina films Salt, rumors have been swirling. First it was that Pitt and Jolie were splitting up and sleeping in separate houses (but on the same estate), though the coupled denied it and offered up whisperings of an upcoming marriage. While we were left wondering which was the truth, it came out that Pitt and his ex Aniston had been meeting up in the city. With all of the hoopla surrounding them, everyone has a different take, including Pitt's mom, Jane. According to one source, Jane wants Brad to rekindle romance with Jen.

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Do Bachelor Parties Make Men Do Bad Things?

A bachelor party, contrary to popular belief, is not a celebration of marriage. In fact, it's the opportunity to refute its very principles. A kick-ass bachelor proves a man, "still has it," is still studly and most importantly, is still on the market, at least in theory.

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Bradley Cooper Denies Dating Jennifer Aniston

Now comes bad news for all those die-hard Jen fans, holding their breath at the thought of Jen maybe having found her new Brad (name-wise, at least). The rumors of them dating each other are completely false and proof of that comes straight from the horse’s mouth! Bradley Cooper tells People magazine that he is not dating Aniston. He says, ''I met her 3 times in my life,'' and that he's, ''flattered,'' He also goes onto say that, ''My mom loves it, but unfortunately it's not true.''

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Is Bradley Cooper Jennifer Aniston's New Brad?

Could it be that Aniston has finally found her leading man? Probably not but she sure did pick a cute one to practice on. Bradley Cooper is apparently a front-runner for the role of The Green Lantern which means his chest will only be getting bigger and his eyes that much bluer.

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Wedding Crashers Stunt Not Funny

Owen Wilson poisoning Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers: funny. Poisoning your roommate like Owen Wilson poisoned Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers: not funny. A woman in New York found that out the hard way. And she's gotta pay his medical bills and is on probation. Let's hope that she learns to lay off the movie-inspired goofs.