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Will Renée Zellweger Marry Bradley Cooper?

Suspicion is growing that a wedding between Renée Zellweger and Bradley Cooper is imminent. Yes, we know that for some this is hard to believe. What with all the Isn't Bradley Cooper gay? rumors. And, of course, add to that the fact that they are rarely, and we mean RARELY, spotted together in public. It just seemed like these two were never that into each other... for whatever reasons.

Ken Jeong thanks wife The Hangover MTV Movie Awards
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Hangover Star Ken Jeong Wins, Cries For Wife

Ken Jeong, star of The Hangover, brought one single, shining moment of true emotion, gratitude, and grace to the orgy of self-congratulatory excess that was last night's MTV Movie Awards. The doctor-turned-actor, accepting his popcorn trophy for Best WTF Moment, thanked his wife, Tran, and teared up when talking about how his Hangover pals supported him while Tran battled breast cancer.

Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johnasson kiss at the MTV Movie Awards
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Sandra Bullock Is Back!

At this year's MTV Movie Awards, Sandra Bullock showed Jesse James—and the world—that she is ready to move on with her life. The annual awards show marked Sandy's first televised appearance since estranged husband Jesse's sex scandal made her, understandably, seek shelter from the public eye. And to all who saw her "comeback," America's Sweetheart is clearly back and better than ever. No doubt she is still dealing with the pain of Jesse's betrayal, but she hasn't seemed to have lost any of her trademark humor and she just wants life to "get back to normal."

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart
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Oscar Presenters: Rating Their Chemistry

While the Oscar red carpet is the best place to check out who's dating who, the actual show is a great time to check out the chemistry between presenters. As with every broadcast, some of this year's couplings seemed really random (Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington) and others made perfect sense (Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner), but it was interesting to see which paired-up Oscar presenters really hit if off...and which ones looked like they just wanted to hit each other.

Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper
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Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper's Non-Romance

What is up with Renée Zellweger & Bradley Cooper's non-romance? First she's a no-show for his big day at the Golden Globes. The she remains missing-in-action when it comes time to promote her sweetheart's new movie Valentine's Day. And now it seems like she won't even be present with Bradley on the real day! What is going on? This has to be more than not wanting to be seen next to his awful tan lines!

Bradley Cooper is alone at the Golden Globes
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Bradley Cooper's Unsupportive GF Renée Zellweger

At award shows such as the Golden Globes, celebrities often use their time on the red carpet, the minutes of their acceptance speech, the assumed camera pan to their face, to make a statement. Yes, we are a couple à la Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård. Alright, I'll settle down — as long as it's with this one à la George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis. Eat your heart out Brad, John, and Gerard à la Jennifer Aniston and her inner thigh-grazing dress. Thanks for your support of my super-successful career, hold my purse please? à la Drew Barrymore's kiss of Justin Long. And for some, it's the non-statement that does all the talking. On hand to support The Hangover, which one Best Picture in a Comedy or Musical, was un-supported Bradley Cooper — sad, soaked and noticeably solitary without girlfriend Renee Zellweger at his side.

Bradley Cooper and Reneé Zellweger
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Bradley Cooper And Renée Zellweger Get Serious

Although rumors had surfaced over the weekend that Bradley Cooper had dumped his pouty-faced paramour, Renée Zellweger, it seems now that their relationship is actually stronger than ever. The Hangover's hunky star has gained something of a reputation as a Romeo—since divorcing Jennifer Esposito in 2007 (after only four months of marriage), he has been linked to Rhona Mitra, Denise Richards, Jennifer Aniston, and producer Holly Wiersma. Bradley's been enjoying a semi-secret romance with Renée since July, but recent word on the street was that when the four-month itch struck again, he promptly gave her the "I'm not ready for a committment" speech.

jennifer aniston

Eff It, I'm On Team Aniston

I'm not sure if you saw the recent news that Jennifer Aniston is still talking about her marriage to William Bradley "Brad" Pitt. The tune has mellowed for the most part, she says, "In contrast to what people say, Brad and I have a very cordial relationship. I admire him a lot for what he is doing to help other people and I think he is an extraordinary actor." Nice. That said, I'm on Team Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston
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Gerard Butler Hearts Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston just can't seem to stay out of the tabloids. But it seems this He's Just Not Into You actress is doomed to have a sizzling love life, if not diverse. Though Jennifer was just recently linked to Bradley Cooper, according to Star Magazine, the actress is now crazy in love with Gerard Butler who stars in the movie, The Ugly Truth.

Renee Zellweger
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Bradley Cooper Spurns Jen By Dating Renee

Jennifer Aniston already lost one Brad (Pitt) to an Oscar winner, and may be about to lose another Brad (-ley Cooper) to a different Best Supporting Actress. This time Renee Zellweger. Apparently Cooper went on two dates: one with Aniston, the other Zellweger. After the date with Aniston, it was reported by both parties that they were only friends. Then it came out that she had given him a dating timeline of when she wanted to be married and have kids. Rumor has it this scared Cooper off and into the arms of another actress.