"Frozen" Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Beyonce dressed as Rosie the Riveter on Instagram
Queen Elsa, meet Queen Bey.

The Internet Would Explode If These Celebs Starred In "Frozen"

With all the frenzy around Frozen casting on Once Upon A Time, we came up with the ideal cast of players for a potential live-action rendition of Disney's Frozen. They may not necessarily be who you'd expect, but we guarantee you they'd create another blockbuster guaranteed to break the bank, because in this case, art imitates life for these characters.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt isn't just a hot dad -- he has a hot baby mama in Angelina Jolie!
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Celeb Love & Parenting: 10 Hottest Hollywood Dads

Fathers Day 2014 is coming! While Hollywood is full of failed fathers (hello, Michael Lohan and also to 50 Cent, who reportedly missed his own son's graduation), there are some great celebrity dads out there setting examples for their kids. Celebrate Father's Day with the hottest and best Hollywood dads!

George Clooney
George has been fairly hush-hush since his engagement was announced.
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A-List Links: The Castle Where George Clooney Will Say 'I Do'?

Amal Alamuddin is marrying the previously labelled "eternal bachelor" George Clooney. In laymans terms, she locked that down. Intelligent, successful and beautiful; she has it all. The next step is planning when, where and how she's going to marry her man. The 'Downton Abbey' castle may be a potential location for their nuptials. Plus, the real reason Rob Kardashian skipped out on his sister's wedding. It's all in our weekly roundup of hot Hollywood hookups, relationships and breakups!

Signs You've Met Prince Charming
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Signs You've Met Prince Charming

Think Prince Charming doesn't exist? Think again. Kate Middleton found her Prince Charming in Prince William. Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt. Victoria has David Beckham and Khloe Kardashian found her Prince Charming in Lamar Odom. What about you? How will you know when you've met your Prince Charming? Here are five signs you've met your own Prince Charming:

Brad Pitt Cannes Film Festival 2012
Long ... just like Brad's hair!
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It's Going To Be One LONG Engagement For Brad & Angelina

After getting engaged in April, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have remained quiet about their wedding plans and when or where it will happen. But, we've all been busy speculating: "It will happen in August!" "They'll be married at their château in France!" "All six kids will be in the wedding party!" How foolish!

3 Experts Weigh In On Brad & Angelina's Unconventional Engagem
Photo credit: Babble.com
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3 Experts Weigh In On Brad & Angelina's Unconventional Engagement

In this day and age, it's not uncommon to hear about people having children out of wedlock. However, with Brangelina's recent engagement, people seem unsure of what to think. In the six long years the two have been together, they have become the parents of six children. Though they aren't the first couple to break the love, marriage, then family mold, many people are wondering why they waited so long to tie the knot.

How Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Went Against The Norm [EXPERT]
Brangelina looks perfectly happy with their kids!
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Brad & Angelina Broke The Rules & So Did I

We all know the song little Dick and Jane teased us with in Elementary School: "Katie and Johnny sitting in the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love; then comes marriage; then comes the baby in the baby carriage." There's just one problem with this song today. Maybe it should be rewritten to say: "First comes love, then comes the baby in the baby carriage, then comes marriage." At least that's how it seemed to happen for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Babies Before Marriage: Did Brad & Angelina Do It Right? [EXPERT]
What ever happened to marriage before babies?
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Babies Before Marriage: Did Brad & Angelina Do It Right?

Who didn't sing that annoying little elementary school song as a kid? " First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!" It seems that celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did not follow the path laid out in that teasing grade-school tune or what has been considered the traditional "rule" for a couple: you fall in love, get married and then have babies.

What Is A Despicable Mom?
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What Is A Despicable Mom?

Subtitle: Women who abuse their power to give future baby mama’s a bad name. There is nothing worse in this world than a mother who uses the children against the father in a relationship. If you are going to rank sins against men in this world, this act would be right up there with the biblical Eve’s sin committed in the Garden of Eden against God. It would be number one in 99.9% of men who are committed father’s and those who desire to be fathers, representing a quality most women desire.