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On Wednesdays, we wear pink. And we only let coupled-up girls join our clique.
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'Glamour' Blogger: "I Don't Make Friends With Single People"

Recently, "Glamour" blogger Melissa Melms decided it was time to take douchiness to a whole new level with a post titled: "We Can't Be Friends Unless You Have a Boyfriend. I'm Serious…Kind of." Actually she is more serious than she is "kind of," as in her post she proceeds to basically toot about how great she and her relationship is, while her single friends are, well, lame.

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How to tell whether that dude would make an awful boyfriend.
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Love Bytes: 13 Signs He Would Be A Terrible Boyfriend

Are you doing most of the work? She wanted to get married, so she choked him. The Vatican has banned a book on female masturbation. Shedding even more light on "50 Shades Of Grey." Do you want your boyfriend to be your best friend? Sexify that bedroom in 7 simple steps. 13 signs he will not be a great boyfriend. 18 chestnuts of wisdom that will make dating better (and stuff). Things you DO NOT want to say to a bride.

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Your partner may be more honest if a question is posed via text message.
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Want A Guy To Tell The Truth? Text Him

Some may say there is a downside to our tendency to text, but there are plenty of perks associated with simple SMS messages. Thanks to sexting, you could be in a crowded room but still telling your boyfriend all the dirty things you want to do to him later. And, on the tamer (and potentially less harmful) side, texts are the best way to get someone to reveal the truth.

Why I Won't Live With A Guy Unless He Puts A Ring On It
I love living by myself, and see no need to move in with any boyfriend.
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Why I Won't Live With A Guy Unless He Puts A Ring On It

For starters, I love living alone. I love having my own space to go to when I need a break from a relationship. I love that I can indulge in my "single gal" behavior, which I will not get into as it's stuff a gal just does in private.

What Can I Do To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

What Can I Do To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

Are you feeling like everything you do pushes your ex away further? Is this describing your situation to a tee? Are you asking"What can I do to get my ex boyfriend back" at every turn? Here are some tips that will greatly improve chances of getting back together with your ex boyfriend. Obviously right now you are serious about saving or rekindling your relationship, which is what led you to this article in the first place. But if you are feeling overly anxious to get your ex back,you may be behaving in the way,causing your ex to

Still from This Means War
The guys from 'This Means War' are definitely spies, not boyfriend material.

007 Signs He Doesn't Want A Relationship (Or He's A Spy)

According to films, television programs, comic books, daguerreotypes, cave drawings and divinations from wishing wells, your next door neighbor, coworker or even husband could very well be a SECRET AGENT. Spies are many things, charming, capable, physically adept, but mostly they're terrific liars. The same penchant for misdirection that makes a guy top-notch in the espionage game makes him absolutely horse plop in the awesome boyfriend department.

Making a base camp for your cat is a good thing. Just make sure it isn't in the man cave!
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9 Ways To Help Your Partner Love Your Cat

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist who stars on Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," and has often been called the Cat Whisperer. One of the problems he most frequently encounters on his show, which documents his adventures counseling owners of misbehaving cats, are cats who seem to hate one half of a couple.

20 Signs Your Man Is Not Over His Ex
Is he thinking about his ex?
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20 Signs Your Man Is Not Over His Ex

I don't know how many times I've heard "don't date a guy who's just broken up with someone." No one wants to be the rebound girl. Not only is it hard on YOU, it can be just as hard on him, as he's trying to heal from his breakup. But sometimes, you find yourself breaking the rules, liking a guy who has just split up with his last partner, and you go with it. It feels right. So you do it.

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Did your Jewish boyfriend or girlfriend invite you for Passover? What you need to know.
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10 Tips For Attending Your First Passover Seder

Attending a religious event like Passover that's unfamiliar to you can be stressful, especially when you're worried about making a good impression on your boyfriend or girlfriend's family. Here are some tips that will ensure that it all goes smoothly.

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Sometimes men have no tact.
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20 Things Men Should Never Say To Their Girlfriends

I'm not sure if it's a tact gene that's missing from the Y chromosome, but most dudes I know are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to saying the wrong thing. So guys, listen up: Here are a bunch of things you should NEVER say to your girlfriend.

"I thought threesomes were supposed to be exciting."
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Love Bytes: "I Had A Threesome And It Was Lame"

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Dan Savage's new MTV show "Savage U" premiered last night. Italian "Vogue" editor talks eating disorders. One woman, two men. 10 reasons to date the boy you grew up with. 6 places to have sex around the house.