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You're In Love. So Why Are You Sad?
A little bitter with the sweet. Photo: Flickr, Miss Turner.
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You're In Love...So Why Are You Sad?

So you're in love. Congratulations! But why is there a nagging sadness on the edge of your happiness? This video, by Jason Silva of Shots of Awe tackles a big question in a passionate way.

Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!
No one wants to be that girl.
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Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!

No one likes to nag or be nagged. This is a universal truth. It's not fun for anyone. In our quest to help you stay nag-free this week, we turned to reddit to see what real people had to say about nagging and how best to avoid it.

7 Surprising Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk
Do you think an "Internet cookie" is a delicious online treat? Uh oh!

7 Signs Your Online Dating Privacy Is At Risk

Have you read your online dating site's privacy policy? Does your profile use a picture from your Facebook or LinkedIn page? Your might be leaving yourself vulnerable. Read on for signs your privacy is at risk.

Love Lessons: What His Favorite Rock Band Says About Him
Here's what his music taste really means.
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Love Lessons: What His Favorite Rock Band Says About Him

Aside from asking the obvious questions, like "Do you have any mental illnesses I should be aware of?" there often isn't a clear way to discern if someone is loonier than Kanye West or just really into leather jogging pants. Unless you ask them about their favorite band ...

Boyfriend: My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)
Who doesn't love a musician?

My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)

I've never had an "ideal boyfriend list." On one particular night of consumption and reflection, however, I came up with a list of men who, if combined, might create the perfect man. They aren't human men, though, and I'm not sure they're all even really male, but they possess traits that rock my world regardless of gender. If given the chance, I'd totally date them, for a while at least. I'd also have to break up with them eventually because dating made up dudes who only exist on TV would make me a legit psycho.

Viral Video: Woman Shaming Her Boyfriend Is Arrested
We doubt this is how she wanted her relationship to end.
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Love Bytes: Boyfriend-Shaming Can Land You In Jail

Ladies, take notes from this viral video: this can get you arrested. A woman who was seen in a viral video belittling her flirtatious boyfriend in public was arrested after the incident and charged with simple assault. Watch the video and make the call for yourself.

real love
Don't crowdsource your love life. Trust your gut.

I Found Real Love...Once I Stopped Listening To My Friends

We live in a culture of crowdsourcing. I rarely buy a shirt without sending a pic to my stylish BFF and asking what she thinks. But putting back a piece of clothing because she reminds me that it's not my color is different from tossing aside a perfectly lovely guy, one I might really have something special with, based solely on a friend's commentary. For too long, when I considered whether to date someone, my inner voice said something like: "Well, I'm into him. But how will everyone else feel?"

frouple relationship
Friends without benefits?

The 'Frouple' Phenomenon: When Your BFF Is Kinda Your Boyfriend

"We're the same person, different hair," says Greta Gerwig’s character in the movie Frances Ha. The two female protagonists are the kind of pals who live together, sleep next to each other, read and knit as a pair, and can't quite remember who paid for the teapot. In other words, a frouple. The term, a combination of 'friend' and 'couple,' was coined to describe for the totally platonic yet can't-live-without-you type of friendship shared between two straight women (and occasionally, two straight men). Do you know a frouple? Could you be part of one?