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Order Up! 6 Sinfully Delicious Reasons To Date A Chef

Okay, so you've probably never looked at an order of Coq au Vin and felt true love for its maker before, but dating a man who knows his way around a kitchen is a major must-do. Chefs are perfectionists and eager to please — and that's just the beginning. Behold, six reasons you need to date a chef.

Love & Sex: Who's Courteney Cox's (12 Years Younger!) Boyfriend?
Age is just a number, right?
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Who Is Courteney Cox's (12 Years Younger!) New Boyfriend?

Looks like Courteney Cox made Santa's "nice" list this year. When the Friends star, 49, rolled up to BFF Jennifer Aniston's holiday party in Bel Air this past weekend, a fun new present sat in the passenger seat—a certain 37-year-old musician. "Courteney definitely looked like she was on a date!" a source claim. "They were holding hands during the party."

15 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Boyfriends On The Planet
No one expresses love like a pooch. Photo: Flickr, Noel Zia Lee
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15 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Boyfriends On The Planet

We all have those moments when you look at your boyfriend and think, "Man, life would be so much easier if he were a dog". Even the idealized boyfriends of our fantasies would never measure up in real life (I’m looking at you, Gosling). That doesn't’t mean that you don't love your BF, but let's be real; a dog is way less complicated.

Dating: Reasons Southern Guys Make The Best Boyfriends
They don't call them "southern gentlemen" for nothing.
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10 Reasons Southern Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

Studies have found that Americans LOVE accents. Although the British accent comes in first for most accent-adoring folks, when it comes to accents here in the United States, it's the southern drawl that's winning fans left and right, according to a brand new study from

The Best & Worst Holiday Gifts For Him
What does he REALLY think of that wool sweater?
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The Best & Worst Holiday Gifts For Your Guy

When you are still getting to know someone and want to show your affection through a gift at the holidays, what to buy can be a tricky endeavor. has valuable insight for you, based on our survey of over 600 guys that asked them what they like and dislike for holiday gifts.

Black Friday 2013: The Best Deals For Couples
Are these deals for real?
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Ready, Set, Shop: The Best Black Friday Deals For Couples

Instead of getting trampled at the store when you spot an HD TV you didn't know would be less than $100, we did the work for you so you can go into Black Friday with a clear plan of action. Whether you're shopping for a gift for your boyfriend, wife, or something you can use as a couple, here are some of the hottest steals this seson.

You're In Love. So Why Are You Sad?
A little bitter with the sweet. Photo: Flickr, Miss Turner.
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You're In Love...So Why Are You Sad?

So you're in love. Congratulations! But why is there a nagging sadness on the edge of your happiness? This video, by Jason Silva of Shots of Awe tackles a big question in a passionate way.

Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!
No one wants to be that girl.
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Reddit Advice To Keep You Nag-Free!

No one likes to nag or be nagged. This is a universal truth. It's not fun for anyone. In our quest to help you stay nag-free this week, we turned to reddit to see what real people had to say about nagging and how best to avoid it.