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Talking Sex With Family: How Much Is Too Much?

As the headlines are filled with news of Joe Simpson allegedly calling out John Mayer for his "sexual napalm" comments regarding daughter Jessica while Angelina Jolie is photographed reunited with her long-estranged dad Jon Voight, we've been pondering family bonds and boundaries. When it comes to talking sex with family, how close is too close? What should you share with your family and what should remain between you and your partner?

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3 Ways To Change Your Bad Dating Attitude

Face it: Being single isn't always empowering and fun. Sure, you get all that "me time" to read a new novel, focus on work, apply a deep-cleansing mask when no one is looking or reconnect with girlfriends over cocktails. Still, being single can make you feel frustrated, angry, not worthy of love and even hopeless. That bad attitude could also be the reason you're single.

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5 Tips For Spending The Night With A New Guy

So you've decided to take the plunge and have a sleepover with the person you're dating. Whether it's actually just sleeping or it's the first time you two do the deed, a first sleepover with someone new can be stressful.Follow these tips for an evening of more fun and less anxiety about the things that could go awry.

Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?
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Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?

While Facebook users play with the celebrity Doppelganger application that matches their face with a famous guy or gal's, one woman in China is taking it to another level: getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba... with the intended purpose of winning her boyfriend back. Xiaoqing, a 21-year-old from China, wants to get plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba in order to win back an ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with the Hollywood actress.

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10 Phrases Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want To Hear

You pride yourself on your open, honest relationship. But that doesn't mean you should blurt out any old thought that comes to mind. Sometimes, a comment that seems perfectly harmless to you might be hurtful, awkward or just plain irritating to your boyfriend.

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Should A Boyfriend Double As A Best Friend?

The first time I met him, I thought my now-boyfriend was a really cool guy, and I hoped we would become friends. Now, this man is not only boyfriend—he is my closest friend now, too, the one who knows everything about what goes on with my family, what goes on at work, what weird dreams woke me up in the middle of the night. And I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

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5 Ways To Stop Being A Needy Girlfriend published a story this week about how to transform your needy, clingy girlfriend back into the cool chick she seemingly was when you first met her. Now, before you get all offended, let us tell you two things: 1) the author was a woman (by the name of Sharalyn Hartwell) and 2) we actually agree with he