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Is He Worth A Second Date?

My pal Stella is going through a terrible breakup with a horrible man. Like most of us, Stella knows how to deal with their split (time, wine, chocolate, more wine, more time), but she was concerned about the bigger picture. Why had she gotten herself mixed up with this jackass in the first place?

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I Had No Idea That My Boyfriend Was Married

"Well, since you're done," he told me, slowly, "there's something I need to tell you ... I'm not actually divorced." The silence on my end of the line was deafening. I was just devastated. I mean, how could you be lied to like that and really, seriously believe it? I'm a smart woman. The story about how one woman got duped into dating—and falling in love with—a married man.

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Dating Disaster: I Kissed My Cousin

Michelle Haimoff shares a hilarious story about being attracted to her Jewish cousin and then going through a night of missteps and humiliation, including a last-minute kiss before Grandma shows up at the door. What's the lesson to be learned? That dating and family definitely don't mix.

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What A Woman's Stuffed Animals Say About Her

Guys: The next time a woman invites you to her apartment, scope out her living space for stuffed animals. They're more common than you might think. And if you do happen to glimpse a teddy bear, a Hello Kitty or, worse, a collection of porcelain dolls, you may want to keep in mind what it could mean about her dating habits.

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How To Deal With His Female Friends

In general, I'm not really a jealous person; in fact, a recurring fantasy is to watch whomever I'm seeing with another woman (I haven't done that yet—I like keeping it in the fantasy realm). But maybe I'm more jealous than I'd like to think, because it's taken meeting several of his friends for me to assess them individually, to get to know them, before I feel totally comfortable. Some of them ask him for back rubs, and the first time I saw him take his hands to another girl's muscles, I can't lie: it bothered me.

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8 Reasons Your Friends Don't Like Your Boyfriend

So the day of reckoning has arrived. For the past month, your friends have been clamoring to meet your new guy, but alas, the how-do-you-do's were largely anticlimactic. Are your friends unsupportive? Was everyone in a bad mood? Or was your boyfriend just not that impressive? Everyone knows that love is blind, and no matter how confident we are in our choices, sometimes our friends are just better at analyzing our partners than we are. Here are things your friends might have observed about your guy that escaped your notice:

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50 Ways To Be Romantic Right Now

So you want to do something romantic for your beloved, but you're stumped for ideas. Whether you want a romantic gesture that's creative, outrageous, affordable, quick or classic, we've got the answer.

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Talking Sex With Family: How Much Is Too Much?

As the headlines are filled with news of Joe Simpson allegedly calling out John Mayer for his "sexual napalm" comments regarding daughter Jessica while Angelina Jolie is photographed reunited with her long-estranged dad Jon Voight, we've been pondering family bonds and boundaries. When it comes to talking sex with family, how close is too close? What should you share with your family and what should remain between you and your partner?

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3 Ways To Change Your Bad Dating Attitude

Face it: Being single isn't always empowering and fun. Sure, you get all that "me time" to read a new novel, focus on work, apply a deep-cleansing mask when no one is looking or reconnect with girlfriends over cocktails. Still, being single can make you feel frustrated, angry, not worthy of love and even hopeless. That bad attitude could also be the reason you're single.

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5 Tips For Spending The Night With A New Guy

So you've decided to take the plunge and have a sleepover with the person you're dating. Whether it's actually just sleeping or it's the first time you two do the deed, a first sleepover with someone new can be stressful.Follow these tips for an evening of more fun and less anxiety about the things that could go awry.

Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?
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Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?

While Facebook users play with the celebrity Doppelganger application that matches their face with a famous guy or gal's, one woman in China is taking it to another level: getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba... with the intended purpose of winning her boyfriend back. Xiaoqing, a 21-year-old from China, wants to get plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba in order to win back an ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with the Hollywood actress.