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Commitment: The 3 Types Of Relationship-Ready Men
There's nothing better than knowing your man is 100% yours.
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The 3 Types Of Relationship-Ready Men

There are a lot of different men out there, but there are 3 types that are truly boyfriend material. Find out if your guy fits one of these molds, and what that means about his feelings on commitment.

He knows what it takes to get the job done — and done right.
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Order Up! 6 Sinfully Delicious Reasons To Date A Chef

Okay, so you've probably never looked at an order of Coq au Vin and felt true love for its maker before, but dating a man who knows his way around a kitchen is a major must-do. Chefs are perfectionists and eager to please — and that's just the beginning. Behold, six reasons you need to date a chef.

Dating: Reasons Southern Guys Make The Best Boyfriends
They don't call them "southern gentlemen" for nothing.
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10 Reasons Southern Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

Studies have found that Americans LOVE accents. Although the British accent comes in first for most accent-adoring folks, when it comes to accents here in the United States, it's the southern drawl that's winning fans left and right, according to a brand new study from

Boyfriend: My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)
Who doesn't love a musician?

My Top 5 Dream Men (That Aren't Actually Human)

I've never had an "ideal boyfriend list." On one particular night of consumption and reflection, however, I came up with a list of men who, if combined, might create the perfect man. They aren't human men, though, and I'm not sure they're all even really male, but they possess traits that rock my world regardless of gender. If given the chance, I'd totally date them, for a while at least. I'd also have to break up with them eventually because dating made up dudes who only exist on TV would make me a legit psycho.

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Don't crowdsource your love life. Trust your gut.

I Found Real Love...Once I Stopped Listening To My Friends

We live in a culture of crowdsourcing. I rarely buy a shirt without sending a pic to my stylish BFF and asking what she thinks. But putting back a piece of clothing because she reminds me that it's not my color is different from tossing aside a perfectly lovely guy, one I might really have something special with, based solely on a friend's commentary. For too long, when I considered whether to date someone, my inner voice said something like: "Well, I'm into him. But how will everyone else feel?"

10 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Is Most Definitely Boyfriend Material
Ian Somerhalder and co-star Nina Dobrev dated for three years, before breaking up in 2013.
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10 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Is Most Definitely Boyfriend Material

Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke our hearts when they split earlier this year, but we understand that sometimes things just don't work out. But instead of dwelling on what could have been—hey, they had three great years together—we're focusing on how great it is that there are guys like Ian left in the world. Here, we list off the Top 10 reasons why the erstwhile vamp would make an amazing boyfriend ... either for Nina (should they get back together) or for the next lucky lady who gets to date him.