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Dr. Seuss
Happy 108th birthday, Dr. Seuss!
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8 Love Lessons From Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday is making us reminisce about our childhoods. Back then, we didn't realize that his children's rhymes could teach us so much about love. And yet, there's a love lesson in every story!

7 Ways The 7 Deadly Sins Can Help Your Dating Life
You don't have to be an angel to have a satisfying dating life.
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7 Ways The 7 Deadly Sins Can Help Your Dating Life

Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger and lust — the seven deadly sins — get a pretty bad rap in western culture, but a closer look at the scientific record suggests that even these deadliest of vices might not be so deadly after all.

erotic literature
The next night you have free, why not curl up with a steamy, erotic story?
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Want A More Intense, Intimate & Fulfilling Sex Life?

Have you ever heard of 'bibliotherapy?' I've been a practitioner for years, but I never heard this fancy word until recently. Bibliotherapy is an academic term used to describe the amazingly beneficial (and very delightful!) mind/body reactions that occur from reading erotic romantic literature. In fact, sex therapists are advising their female patients to get busy and start reading erotic romance! Yay!

6 Dating Lessons I Learned From "Always Hit On The Wingman"
"Always Hit On The Wingman," ladies. It's a life-changing book.
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6 Secret Rules For Getting The Love Life You Want

Every month, I always enjoy reading Jake's column in Glamour magazine. Since 1956, it's been penned by a slew of anonymous, single men who've helped countless women navigate the dating world by writing honestly and openly about the game of love from a man's perspective. One of the more recent Jakes has written a book, "Always Hit On The Wingman: And 9 Other Secret Rules For Getting The Love Life You Want."

Jackie Collins

Exclusive! Jackie Collins On Writing Steamy Sex Scenes

She's a top-selling novelist with 28 books to her name, 27 of which have made the New York Times Bestseller list. One might think she would lose steam over the years, but Jackie Collins proves with her latest novel, Goddess of Vengeance, that she's still the queen of the written sex scene.

taylor swift jane austen
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Love Wisdom Across The Ages: Taylor Swift Vs. Jane Austen

The pop star is taking her lovelorn anthems—including her new single "Sparks Fly"—across the country in one of the biggest tours this summer, but her lyrics seem to have gotten a little help from a literary predecessor. Can you guess which lines are by the young songstress and which were penned by the "Pride and Prejudice" author?