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Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends

As the 21st century flies by, there's an ever-increasing host of objects, phrases and protocol relating to love that—if they haven't already fallen—are teetering on the edge of extinction. "Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By" chronicles the goods and practices rendered out of date, now, faster than ever. The back cover reads: "Today, we experience in one year the same amount of change that it would have taken generations to experience a few hundred years ago." gone are things like body hair, full words (obvi) and sadness.

Life After Infidelity And Widowhood

Life After Infidelity And Widowhood

In 2003, after nearly 14 years of marriage, Julie Metz learned that her husband Henry had been cheating on her with multiple women. Shattering to any wife, news of his infidelity hit Metz particularly hard—Henry had passed away six months prior. The revelation of his rampant adultery—including a three-year affair with a close family friend—dealt Metz a second, equally wounding blow. In her memoir, "Perfection: A Memoir of Betrayal and Renewal," Metz recounts the aftermath of this revelation and chronicles her path to self-renewal and rediscovery of both love and trust.

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How Saying 'No' Will Help You Find Love

You are in a state. "Pangs of love," you say as you roll over on the couch, pantomiming stab motions to the heart. Your roommate looks bemused. It's the third or fourth date, and lately you've been struggling to hold off sending those late-night, inappropriate text messages. "Head. Heels. You. Me." (send--no wait, delete.) Instead, you're on your knees, head in hands, summoning the forces of the universe to carry your love cry out to the one you desire. Does he hear? Maybe. Will it be returned? The silence of everything you feel and everything that has not been communicated is deafening. Surely he feels it, too? Why do you not pick up the phone and call? Why did you cancel on Friday? Why are you still not Facebook friends? Why? Because Beth Wareham says so.

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Do Relationships Kill Women's Sex Drives?

Clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss set out to find the blunt answers to female sexuality in their new book, Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Sexual Motivation—From Adventure to Revenge (And Everything in Between). Turns out women have sex for presents and to alleviate boredom quite a bit.

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Dumped At The Altar, Man Finds Love In 7 Countries

New York Times bestselling author of Honeymoon With My Brother shares love lessons from around the world. After being left at the altar, Franz Wisner decided to go on his honeymoon—with his brother. The journey didn't stop there. The pair traveled to seven more countries, along the way learning about love and relationships around the world. Wisner's voyage led him to not only recover from his breakup, but to find a new love. Watch to learn more about his story.

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Learn About Divorce Without Consulting A Lawyer

"What Your Divorce Lawyer May Not Tell You: 125 Questions Every Woman Should Ask" is a new book by Mary Rubin. Rubin is a divorcee and the founder of DivorceSource, "the country's first consulting firm specializing in the practical issues of divorce." The book is about the practical, not emotional side of a divorce, and looks like a good resource for women who are in the early-to-mid stages of divorce. It won't answer all your questions but it will give you a basic understanding of how divorce works and will probably help you decide how to move forward.

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Is Twilight Bad For Your Love Life?

Some of you told me I wouldn’t like Twilight, but I bought the book anyway just to see what all the hoopla was about. Well, I finally finished it, and…I appreciated the romance-factor, but I couldn’t help thinking it was giving girls the wrong idea about love and relationships. I did a feminist reading of Twilight and here’s what bugged me:

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Key To Finding A Good Man? Self-Respect

We each attract a certain type of man, depending on how we carry ourselves. Don't expect to have a respectful man if you, for instance, curse like a sailor. Such behavior always reflects more negatively upon you than it does to those you're cursing. As for other important aspects of your life, if you don't have any goals, principles, power, or worth, then what makes you believe you can attract a man who has any of those qualities? You are what you attract, whether you like it or not. Contrary to what you may believe, we are not designed to follow the lead of men. They are made to follow us, at least when it comes to male and female relations.

Prospect Park West: A New Sex And The City?
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Prospect Park West: A New Sex And The City?

Amy Sohn—dating columnist for New York magazine—has penned a book, Prospect Park West, that follows the lives of four women living in Brooklyn's Prospect Park brownstone area. Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly optioned this book and hopes to turn it into a television show.

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Losing My Husband, Then Learning Of His Infidelity

At age 44, Julie Metz's seemingly perfect life of husband, daughter, work-from-home occupation and house in the suburbs was turned upside down when her husband unexpectedly died. Becoming a widow and a single mother would only be the tips of the iceberg challenges for Metz, as she later learned of her deceased husband's infidelities. How do you reconcile and forgive when the person who caused you pain is dead? This and other questions serve as the basis for Metz's memoir of "betrayal and renewal," Perfection, published in June.

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4 Things You Didn't Know About Romance Novelists

We remember being young, hanging at our grandmother's house, and seeing this brown cardboard box being passed around. The mystery box was teeming with paperback romance novels, the pages of which made thick from page turning and dog earing. She'd read her way to the bottom of the box and, then trade with friends and, with relish, begin on a new stack of inky steaminess. When we recently spotted a day-in-the-life profile about none other than Nora Roberts, one of the most successful romance novelists of all time, in The New Yorker, we were thrilled to have a glimpse into a day in the life of a real-life romance novelist.

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10 Dating Mindsets Sabotaging Your Love Life

It's easy to lose yourself over a man, but what if it happens before you even see him for the first time? Ill-fated relationships in the past may have already warped your dating personality and consequently, sabotaged your future with someone else. A new book helps you overcome potential dating pitfalls.

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Would You Take Dating Advice From A Celebrity?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the latest celebrity to offer up her opinion on "the new landscape of modern dating." After breaking off her engagement to Ross McCall and rebounding with co-star Jamie Kennedy, it seems that Jennifer, or "Love" as close pals call her, wants to make the world a better place by enlightening women everywhere on "what men really want."

Marriage Advice for Guys

Marriage Advice for Guys

I have been enjoying reading an undeniably biased book about marriage, "It's (Mostly) His Fault:  for women who are fed up and the men who love them," by Robert Mark Alter.  It is completely unfair to the guys, but it is so much fun to read. In this book, (almost) everything is the guy's fault.  He is the one who has to change to improve the marriage.  It's like reading "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" turned inside-out.


Fun & Free: Use The Local Library

When the economy becomes a real bummer it's time to try out some cheap date ideas. This time around, try the library. Not for exhibitionism but for checking out books, music and movies. If buying entertainment items can further a relationship, borrowing them for free may be even better.