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elizabeth gilbert new book committed
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'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Takes On Marriage

When Elizabeth Gilbert's foreign-born lover was threatened with permanent exile from the United States, she vowed to marry him so that he could attain U.S. citizenship, and so that they could spend the rest of their lives together. But first, she had to come to terms with the institution of marriage itself, an arrangement that had failed her in the past, leaving her loath to ever marry again. Over the course of writing "Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage," the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" finds that there are many reasons to fly in the face of present-day, negative divorce statistics and commit...and none of them have to do with shared health benefits, joint tax returns or life insurance payout.

how to have sex like you just met
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How To Have Sex Like You Just Met

When you've been together for awhile, the sizzle in your relationship can oftentimes reduce to a low simmer. In Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer's "Have Sex Like You Just Met," a new book due out this month, you'll find a multitude of tricks for keeping the intimacy alive, and the sex life sizzling. Because monogamy without makin' love can be very monotonous, indeed.

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How To Woo A Literary Lady

At the beginning of the month, blogger Lauren Leto wrote up a hilarious list of stereotypes, based upon the authors people most love to read. It's insulting, but we can't help nodding our heads and chortling because—you know what?—we judge others based on their writing abilities and book choices as well, especially when we're considering spending a lot of quality time with them in the future. Some prosal faux pas to avoid when it comes to the literal language of love?

best sex love celeb 2009

2009's Absolute Best In Celebs, Love & Pop Culture

How was your 2009? Did you get married? Fall in love? Or perhaps your relationship ended this year. No matter what happens in your love life, YourTango wants to be there with you. We've put together some lists that we hope will be useful, comforting, though-provoking and fun. Included in our 2009 round-ups are songs for the broken-hearted, songs for lovers, songs for the proud-and-single; books about chicks and books about d---s, er, men who cause us pain; sex scandals and sexy celebrities; and love on both the big and small screens.

best relationship book

The Top 10 Relationship Books Of The 00s

When compiling this list of the best relationship books of the past decade, some overriding themes were apparent: Men are sex-obsessed cave men. Women are under the mistaken impression that they're living inside a real-life romantic comedy. But true love and soul mates do exist. It's been a confusing decade for the sexes, but we're confident that we'll figure it all out eventually. Here, a list of the ten most iconic relationship books of the '00s

the best books to read after a breakup
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Top 5 Breakup Books Of 2009

Breaking up is hard to do no matter what, but it sure does help to have a wordy companion during your time of need. Whether it's advice on healing, tips on creating a new life or just stories from people who have been there, a good breakup deserves a good read. Here are this year's best breakup books.

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How To Make Guys Want You

Amy Spencer is a dating expert and the author of Meeting Your Half Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match (out in February 2010, Running Press). We asked her the dating questions that continue to baffle us.

best chick lit books of the year
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Top 5 Chick Lit Books Of 2009

2009 was rife with chick lit. How to choose the best tales of dating, love and lust? From Stephanie Meyer to Candace Bushnell, we've selected the best books by women for women. Check out YourTango's top five chick lit picks from the year and let us know what we missed.

best places to have sex in america
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Top 25 Places To Have Sex In America

Changing the location of your sexcapades can add spice and variety, both of which are important. In their new book, sexperts Dan and Jennifer have identified the 1,001 best places to have sex in America. There are tons of options; here our 25 favorites.

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Get Happy Faster: 6 Breakup Behaviors To Avoid

Keeping your ex in your life, aka "exing" -- whether that involves a no-strings-attached hook-up or daily monitoring of his Facebook page -- is sabotaging your future happiness. Here are six common exing patterns to 86 from your life (along with that dude!).

Edward Cullen
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7 Book Characters Hotter Than Edward Cullen

Like it or not, Edward Cullen is the fictional hottie du jour. Never before have women been so enamored by a sparkly, lovesick centenarian torn between protecting his girlfriend and eating her for dinner. Despite Edward's edgy persona and "angelic" good looks, we're not convinced that he's the literary dreamboat that thousands of Twilight and New Moon fans have made him out to be. Before Edward Cullen swooped into our libraries and bookstores, we had other male literary characters to dazzle us.

romance novel
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How To Star In Your Own Romance Novel

Great gift alert: The personalized romance novel trend makes it easy for you and your partner to be the stars of a steamy plot. Romance lit that's just for you—literally. Here, we review three choose-your-own, personalized romance novel services.

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Sex Ed. Through Kid Lit?

Let's face it: Judy Blume explained a lot of stuff our parents didn't. (Or did, but the conversation was so awkward you've never looked at your dad the same again.) Here are just a few sex lessons that got us through those awkward junior-high days straight from the books of Ms. Blume.

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Is Positive Thinking Sabotaging Your Love Life?

Do you believe that anything you want will be yours if you just upgrade your attitude? Do you think that you can attract money, happiness and love just by rearranging how you look at the world? Do you — like millions of people around the country — love Deepak Chopra, believe in The Secret, and think that the universe gives back to you exactly what you give it? If so, then we suggest you steer clear of Barbara Ehrenreich's new book, Bright-Sided: How The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. In it, she argues that our national obsession with positive thinking might actually be making us stupider, and perhaps worse, sadder.