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The First Husband laura dave
If you've ever had your heart broken, this book is for you.
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Beach-Read Book Review: 'The First Husband' By Laura Dave

In Laura Dave's "The First Husband," Annie Adams is a travel writer from Los Angeles with a workaholic director boyfriend, Nick, and a perfectly comfortable life. It looks great on the outside, even though she barely sees the man she lives with between her schedule and his.

10 Parenting Secrets to Empower Kids: #10 Failure NOT an Option
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10 Parenting Secrets to Empower Kids: #10 Failure NOT an Option

This should be true for everyone. But most of the time it’s not. Today, kids are often taught that failure is OK. They get A’s for effort and a trophy for participating. In the real world, failure is not OK and successful achievement is rewarded. By nature, kids are hardwired to succeed. Perseverance is an instinctive trait. For example, how many times does the average child try to walk before he or she gives up? They don’t give up. They never give up. They do whatever it takes to get from here to there. They keep trying and trying and trying.

E L James
E.L. James, author of "50 Shades Of Grey," is on the Time 100 list.
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Love Bytes: Guess Which Sex Writer Made The Time 100?

Should E.L. James have made the Time 100? Not everyone likes women kissing in the Urban Outfitters catalog. Why do bankers buy sex? Dudes, start talking about feelings. Face it, he's never going to propose. A new dating site hooks you up based on Twitter and Facebook usage. Men fake orgasms too. How to keep your guy friend from falling for you. How much masturbating is too much? Who is the funniest lady out there?

10 Parenting Secrets to Empower Kids: #5 Decisions & Consequences
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10 Parenting Secrets to Empower Kids: #5 Decisions & Consequences

Few things empower people (especially kids) more than giving them ownership of the decisions that effect their lives and circumstances. When they decide for themselves, they have both emotional and intellectual “skin in the game.” So, let’s talk about Parenting Secret #5 to Empower Kids: Decisions Have Consequences. Let your kids make choices for themselves and then let them live with results – be they positive or negative. Kids must understand how the decisions they make affect their lives.

Toxic Men
Watch out for the big, red flags the dude you're dating is decidedly toxic.
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7 Signs You're Dating A Toxic Man

I don't want you to be a woman ensnared by a toxic man (or woman—this book is for anyone, people), just because you didn't realize he was toxic. Neither does Dr. Glass. That is why the world needs this tome, because these men are harder to identify than you'd think. If in doubt, here are seven signs you might be dealing a toxic man.

Why not get lost in a book that can help you better understand your mind?
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Take Charge Of Your Life With NLP

This book developed as an extension of some of the approaches developed in my therapy sessions. The first part of the book addresses how to cultivate grass roots self-esteem and the second part uses a slightly different approach to address phobias, addictions and psychosomatic problems. This format has also successfully been applied to treat depression and all forms of anxiety, although owing to space, this will not be explored in detail in this book. Enjoy the read and I'm sure you will begin to notice a greater understanding about your personality, your behavior and motivation, and why you act the way you do.

The Breakup Bible
Rachel Sussman's ultimate survival guide for women going through a divorce or breakup.

10 Tips To Help You Get Over A Breakup Or Divorce

About four years ago, psychotherapist Rachel Sussman started witnessing love-life chaos from every direction. Her sister's five-year relationship hit the rocks. Some of her closest friends' marriages ended in divorces. She had an influx of clients in her practice dealing with devastating breakups. And Sussman got a front-row glimpse into how women handle that horrible road through Splitsville—a topic she felt she had to tackle. She felt instantly compelled to write about it.

Dr. Seuss
Happy 108th birthday, Dr. Seuss!
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8 Love Lessons From Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday is making us reminisce about our childhoods. Back then, we didn't realize that his children's rhymes could teach us so much about love. And yet, there's a love lesson in every story!

3 Expert Tips For Grooms From New Book 'The Man Registry'
New book "Be the Man: The Man Registry Guide for Grooms."
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3 Expert Tips For Grooms From New Book 'The Man Registry'

This new book by the creator of, Chris Easter, serves as an amazing how-to guide for guys about to tie the knot. Guess what, men? You can be fully involved in the wedding-planning process. In fact, you should be fully involved. And if you're feeling at all unsure about what your role is, you need this book.

7 Ways The 7 Deadly Sins Can Help Your Dating Life
You don't have to be an angel to have a satisfying dating life.
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7 Ways The 7 Deadly Sins Can Help Your Dating Life

Pride, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger and lust — the seven deadly sins — get a pretty bad rap in western culture, but a closer look at the scientific record suggests that even these deadliest of vices might not be so deadly after all.

birthday cake
Age is just a number... filled with experiences, lessons and life.
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30 Ways I See Love Differently At Age 30

Writing about love is daunting. It really is. To paint an accurate illustration of the way I felt when I first began tackling this topic, I ask you to envision me—a skinny, uncoordinated white girl measuring all of 5’3”—facing off with Shaquille O’Neal on the basketball court. The entire scenario is silly and farcical, and that’s exactly how I felt trying to form accurate conclusions about love, a force that is much like a giant on a basketball court. It’s towering and intimidating and has the capacity to undo me. The challenge was intriguing, however, so I couldn’t say no.

Martha Stewart and Alexis Stewart
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Was Martha Stewart A Bad Mother?

If you thought your mom was hard on you, consider what it was like to be raised by Martha Stewart. "I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head," writes Alexis Stewart, the craft queen's 46-year-old daughter in her new book Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, co-authored with Jennifer Koppleman Hutt. In the memoir-dappled lifestyle handbook, out Oct. 16, Stewart offers a window into what it was like growing up under the rule of the ultimate perfectionist. At times, she makes Joan Crawford seem like Mrs. Brady.