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man dancing hat knees bent
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Neck, Back And Right Knee? How Women Judge Dancing

What do animals in the wild and men have in common? Their dance moves, of course! OK, not so much their moves, but the messages their moves say to the females around them. British scientists have determined not only what makes a man a "good" dancer but that this designation usually corresponds to a man who's in good health. Moves like "twisting, bending, moving, and nodding" are sure to catch a woman's eye, just as they do in the animal kingdom. A male dancer whose moves are rigid and repetitious is less attractive to women than one whose neck, torso and—curiously—right-knee movements are flexible and varied.

woman studying reflection in mirror
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The Many Ways Women Hate Their Bodies

I used to work retail and "fitting room" was my favorite shift. Let me tell you, what people say when they're in their underpants trying to squeeze into something is comedy gold! So, let's laugh together with these completely true, yet hilarious, things women are insecure about when it comes to their bodies.

woman applying makeup in mirror
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How To Love Your Post-Pregnancy Body

I know that as a mom, I have had a hard time accepting my mom body. There are days and times when I look in the mirror and say, "Damn girl, you are lookin' HAWT!" and there are still other days when I look in the mirror and think, "what in the world happened to my body?"

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10 Things Women Love About Men

As fierce, independent women, we like to think that we don't need men. And we don't. We can change our own tires... open our own jars... move our own furniture... Still, it sure is nice to have men around. Which is why YourTango put together this nifty little list of the 10 things we love about them. Guys: Consider this a love letter from us to you.

Week #10--Buying Lingerie Bad Idea
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Week #10--Buying Lingerie Bad Idea

Since university—while living on spaghetti and adrenaline—I’ve had a draw full of beautiful, expensive lingerie. It cusped on obsession. And this was before the Victoria Secret took the world by storm. In my twenties, I swore up, down and sideways that unless it had to do with period-panties, I would NEVER, ever wear cotton undies.

dating site kicks off fat members
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Dating Site Drops Fat Members: PR Stunt?

Five-thousand members on woke up one morning to find their accounts were inactivated due to their holiday weight gain. We registered on the site to see if the members are really as stunning as the site claims they are. The results were surprising.

What Are The Eight Areas Of Life
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What Are The Eight Areas Of Life

There are 8 basic areas of human experience, the brilliance of the wonderful gift that all of life has given, with its patterns and conditions that create beauty in design and flow. Most of the basic healthy patterns have been discovered and we are able to become aware of how to bring about the best life conditions creating the backdrop for our best dreams and unique personalities.

vagina body image

Prude To Nude: Learning To Love My Womanly Parts

British artist Jamie McCartney is working on a sculpture called "Design a Vagina." Using only volunteers, he is making casts of 200 women's vaginas, and displaying them together in 40 block panels. He wants to show people that where vaginas are concerned, "the variety of shapes is endlessly fascinating, empowering and comforting." This is the story of how, for one of those volunteers, his message really hit home.

Woman Reading Alone
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Why Self-Imposed Isolation After A Divorce Helps

When I tell other women about my hour of self-imposed isolation, they seem to become anxious. Some feel that the desire to be alone, without the company of others, is unnatural and maybe even too self-indulgent. I've had women tell me they could never choose to take an hour of isolation because they have too many responsibilities.

Woman measuring herself

Poll: Have I Put On Weight?

Poll: Have I Put On Weight?: A resounding NO – even if it’s not entirely true! The truth. Go ahead, I can take it There just isn’t a right answer to this one. It’s a lose-lose situation.

swimsuit model destroy men
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Swimsuit Models Destroy Men's Brains

Studies found that sexy images not only shift the way men perceive women, they also found that constant viewing of these pics shut down areas of the brain linked to empathy for other peoples' emotions. Great.

couple in bed morning breath
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Morning Breath: A Turn-On?

Anyone who's been in love, lust or a variation of the sort knows about becoming attached to a scent. Tommy Hilfiger cologne, Old Spice deodorant with a hint of sweat, and Trident gum all come to mind. The funky side of this olfactory attraction is when the reminding scent happens to be an unpleasant one. Armpits, for example, are not famously sweet smelling. Yet, nestling into a man's nook and inhaling a mix of his natural body odor (likely with a trace of deodorant) can be oddly comforting, erotic or both. The same goes for morning breath.