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bikini butt
Why are we so taken by her choice of tattoo placement?

In Defense Of The Butt Tattoo

Why are we so taken by Maria Louise Del Rosario's choice of tattoo placement? Is it because we cringe at the presumed pain and feel like we have to share our collective "ouch" in a social media reflex? Is it because we all still like to say "anus" (it is a fun word), kind of an ode to our inner 12-year-old? Or is it because (for some) the anus still remains one of the last sexual roads less often traveled?

Mariah Carey curvy
If you got it, flaunt it, Mariah!
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13 Celebrities Who Look Better With Curves

The fact of the matter is, some celebs just plain ol' look better with a little meat on their bones. Men are always telling us that they find curves incredibly sexy, and the truth can be seen in stars like Nicki Minaj and

It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad

Dating Disaster: He Was A Hot, Ripped Chef With A Barney Tattoo

When Josh walked in, all the girls let out a collective "OMG!" gasp. He was well over six feet tall, with short brown hair, piercing blue eyes and full sleeve tattoos. For a group of women who all harbored a predilection for all things rocker-related, he was a vision. He was hot and he could cook. Could it get any better?

sunglasses woman
Soak up some summer sun and look your best!
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11 Vacation Essentials To Look Gorgeous For Your Trip

The sun is out, the hopes are high and the suitcases are full: It's time for a sexy (and long-awaited) vacation. But nothing taints looking irresistible on your trip quite like realizing you completely forgot the necessary tools for a romantic getaway, so be sure to use this as a checklist.

man ogling woman
"Really, dude?"
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Study: Women Ogle Other Women's Breasts, Too

You know how people say that men are ALWAYS objectifying women? Well, they are. However, women do it too. From their lips, nips and hips to their toe tips, a gal will eyeball a woman as collection of body parts nearly as readily as a man, per a new study.

celebrity body parts Irresistible You
Which celeb can't get enough of her own tatas?
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"I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

From Jennifer Lopez's legs to Kim Kardashian's mega posterior, we're taking a look at what stars have embraced about their bodies and how it has done wonders for their spirits. While some of the ladies below had to work hard at this self-love, others have merely accepted their natural beauty, which is what we all should do.

7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body [EXPERT]
Is your body ready for summer?
Experts Blog

7 Steps To A Sexy Beach Body

Summer is the season when everyone wants to look good and let loose. It is also the season that most people struggle to diet and exercise their way into the best bikini on the beach. Here are seven tips to get a toned and lean body this summer, without hitting the gym.

irresistible you yourtango
One-fifth of women say they don't like their legs. It's time to change this!
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4 Features Women Dislike & How To Make Them Look Hot

When asked which of their features women like least in our "Irresistible You" survey, by far the most common answer was "legs," with almost one-fifth of ladies claiming they don't like theirs. What a pity: There are many easy ways to get gorgeous gams, some of which we'll tell you about in a minute!

beach body like the stars
You can look and feel great on the beach this summer!

7 Easy Tips To Get A Sexy, Toned Beach Bod Like The Stars

Stars including Miley Cyrus, Naya Rivera and Vanessa Hudgens have already flaunted their fit figures in two-pieces. Here are 7 simple tips from Les Mills trainer Steven Renata and physiotherapist Bryce Hastings on how to tackle those tough-to-tone areas—your abs and your butt—before slipping into your swimsuit or swim trunks. Because let's face it, guys want to look good too!

A single touch can make a big difference in your body chemistry.
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On Fire With Desire: How A Single Touch Can Make You Want Sex

Picture this: You're on a date, things are going "meh," but then all of a sudden he puts his hand on your knee, or even worse, on your cheek. Then before you can even take stock of what's going on, you feel an instant connection and things are no longer so "meh." You're thinking that chemistry has just transpired between you, and there's no escaping it. Well, settle down, because new research shows that it's a bit of a biological trick.