Who Me? Co-dependent? Take This Quick Quiz and Find Out
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Who Me? Co-dependent? Take This Quick Quiz and Find Out

Have you seen all the Valentine’s decorations in the stores?  How do they get all that Christmas stuff swept away and the V Day set up so quickly?  I don’t know about you but I always notice a lot of desperate and constricted energy around Love and Romance this time of year.  So ironic that the holiday for celebrating love also causes so much emotional pain at the same time.

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9 Oscar-Worthy Dating Tips From 2010 Movies

To paraphrase the song, most people are lookin' for love advice in all the wrong places. Sure you can bore a therapist for $100 dollars-an-hour, buy dozens of self-help books, or ask Dr. Drew, but you're just wasting your time. That's right, all the riddles of the dating universe can be answered at the movies, and in anticipation of the 2011 Oscar Academy Awards we've chosen some of our favorite flicks from the past year to relay their pearls of wisdom to you. Nine films, nine Academy Award-worthy nominations for best romantic axiom. Here we go:

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2011 Oscar Nominations And Predictions

2011 Oscars here we come! We've watched the movies, studied the 83rd Academy Award nominations and created two lists. First predictions for who will win the Academy Award in each of eight categories, and who would win the 2011 Oscar if YourTango stuffed the envelopes. Our criteria? The most realistic, relatable, helpful and smartest portrayals of romantic relationships. Let us know if you agree with us and who YOU would choose to win the 2011 Academy Awards.

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Oscars 2011: The 10 Best & Worst Onscreen Relationships

Relationships are an integral part of our real lives, so it's only fitting that they take center stage onscreen as well. Love-themed story lines were woven throughout this year's Oscar-nominated films, making for gripping, tragic, thrilling and wonderful entertainment. For better of for worse, some of the strongest cinematic moments focused on relationship dynamics, and we gleaned a few helpful lessons from the characters' struggles and triumphs. Take a look at the best onscreen pairings of the year, and then tune into the Academy Award telecast on February 27 to see which of them will score precious Oscar gold.

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Oscars 2011: Will The Best Actress Curse Continue?

Every actress dreams of bagging that gorgeous golden Oscar statuette, but if the Best Actress Curse is to be believed, scoring an Academy Award means tanking a relationship (think Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon, whose relationships fell apart within a year of their Best Actress wins). If the curse is real, can we then predict who will win the 2011 Best Actress by looking at whose love life is least stable? We hope not!

Most Romantic Movies of 2010

Most Romantic Movies of 2010

By Erika Mionis 2010 has been a big year for movies. Sequels like Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 have ruled at the box office, while animated films like Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon have made their marks as well. Those aside, the year was also particularly crammed with many a chick flick. From romantic comedies (When in Rome, Knight and Day) to romantic dramas (Dear John, Remember Me), nearly all of the movies have had easily identifiable themes and laughs that we learned from and enjoyed.

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Ryan Gosling Is Totally Intrigued By Love

After The Notebook, and with that handsome face, it would have been easy to stamp Ryan Gosling with that cookie-cutter, romantic-lead label and call it a day. Too bad he didn't follow suit. Well actually, we think it's a good thing. The Blue Valentine star seems to understand the tricky dynamic of real-life love. In turn we get to watch him create some pretty incredible characters with genuine depth. The star talks about his fascination with love and relationships, which are central to the roles he plays.

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Michelle Williams Is Hurt By How Nightline Edited Heath Comments

After the tragic passing of Heath Ledger almost three years ago, Michelle Williams seemed to finally be wearing a somewhat happier countenance. But, hold the phone. Here comes Nightline. That’s right. The show’s editing team just had to swoop in and come dangerously close to ruining it all. In an interview with Kevin Sessums that appeared in The Daily Beast, Sessums asked Williams about Ledger’s accidental death and if she felt in anyway a part of it. She declined to comment on that question in particular, explaining how hurt she was by the way Nightline’s producers chose to cut her three-hour sit-down on the show. She didn’t want her words being taken out of context again.

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Why Won't Ryan Gosling And Michelle Williams Date?

Again, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling have been snapped looking so good together, so comfortable in each others arms, that the world is asking: Are you not secretly dating? We first noticed sparks of intimacy at the Sundance Film Festival, where the two were seen getting cuddly while promoting the very well-received Blue Valentine — a movie coincidentally about the life line of a relationship that we wished we had... rough patches and all. But then he was snapped with this blonde biddy and we lost hope. Now it's happening again, but this time at Cannes where the two were seen casually strolling down the red carpet hand in hand.