Emily Kinney as Beth Greene on 'The Walking Dead' AMC
Emily Kinney is adorable on 'The Walking Dead,' but Beth is basic.

10 Reasons Beth Was The Living Worst On 'The Walking Dead'

Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead has been insane so far, and we're only a few episodes in to this installment of the series. Warning: Beware of spoilers ahead if you're not caught up! One person who's been missing all season until now? Beth Greene, daughter of the late Hershel Greene and sister to badass (and one half of the best TV couples ever) Maggie Greene.

Rugrats, 90s Cartoons, Life Lessons
Growing up in the '90s had its major perks.

20 Important Life Lessons We Learned From '90s Cartoons

People who grew up in the '90s really lucked out in life because it's the sweet spot in time when we grew up as the Internet came into the world. We aren't completely emerged in the technology culture, but we also aren't confused by it like our parents. We grew up with the best toys and most of all, the best cartoons.

15 Friendship Quotes You Need to Send To Your BFF

15 Friendship Quotes You Need to Send To Your BFF

Quotes are pretty good at putting things in perspective, and describing certain parts of life that are usually hard to put into words. Relationships between best friends can be complicated. As life goes on you both may go down different paths. You may both find love interests, careers, and eventually have kids that will take your time away from each other. But that doesn't mean you have to let that break apart your relationship. There are many examples of what true friendship is like.

Jess Day from New Girl
Who's that girl? It's Jess!

12 Quirky Jess Day Quotes That Are SO Relatable

From the minute Jessica Day, Zooey Deschanel's character in New Girl, appeared on our screens, we probably all let out a sigh of relief that we finally had a character we related to. Whether it's her phenomenal fashion sense (because we all know that Deschanel brings her A game, let's be honest) or the way she earnestly cracks her ridiculous puns, there's something about Jess Day that makes us feel like she's one of us. Every episode leaves me in tears because of the amount of seriously funny quotes that she and the cast as a whole dish out.

sex and the city

10 Friendship Quotes From 'Sex And The City'

Sex and the City will forever be iconic not just because of the fashion that was featured, not just because of the roller coaster love stories it, but also due to loving friendship between four women. Let's face it, in the real world female friendships can be tricky. Like romantic relationships, they often break up due to things like growing apart, having a major blowout, and jealousy. Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte, and Carrie are an example that a group of female friends can support each other with little drama.

Maggie and Glenn
Find out what the leading man had to say!

'The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Gives Apocalyptic Love Advice

It's that time of the year again. Nope, we aren't talking about Halloween, although it very much has to do with zombies and bloody gore. We are talking about another season of The Walking Dead! Last season had a bunch of twists and turns. The apocalypse has had a huge effect on the group in ways that no one could have ever imagined.