'New Girl'
Who's that girl? It's Jess!

24 Symptoms Of A 'New Girl' Addiction

Schmidt, Winston, Nick and Jess are back in our lives and all is right in the world. Put some money in the "jar" because clearly you have an addiction to 'New Girl', and here are the symptoms.

"Obvi we're the ladies…"

24 Signs You May Have A 'GIRLS' Addiction

All is right in the world because 'GIRLS' season 3 premieres on Sunday. You've probably watched the trailer a million times already because you have a serious Lena Dunham obsession. And that's okay.

Toddlers & Tiaras
These little pageant queens are giving Honey Boo Boo a run for her crown!

14 Crazy Things Kids Say On Toddlers & Tiaras

If you ever watch TLC's dirty pleasure Toddlers & Tiaras you have taken in some of the hilarious things toddlers say week after week. They are honest like no other and can point out that ridiculousness of the pageant world probably better than most comedians. When they turn on their trophy-hungry mothers it gets even better!