Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in '30 Rock'
Tina Fey is smart and gorgeous -- the ultimate girl crush.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Our 10 Biggest Celeb Girl Crushes Ever!

We all know men love to ogle sexy pics of celebrities (especially nude celebrities!), but let's not lie: Girls have crushes on a bunch of them too. See the sexiest, sassiest, silliest celebrity woman crushes ever and get ready to fall in love!

Kesha on the beach wearing an "I'm A Survivor" shirt post-rehab
Even more beautiful than Kesha naked? Kesha's self-love and constant positivity.

Crazy, Beautiful Kesha: See Her 14 Most Stunning Pics

Rising Star judge Kesha, the artist formerly known as Ke$ha, is a rare breed: A wildchild and a homebody, a party animal with a soul, a rockstar who made it big through a hip-pop song. She's also a survivor, an animal lover (as well as an Animal lover) and a natural beauty ... with a thing for ugly guys.