Kim Kardashian
Kim K. is the queen of curves.

Who Has The Biggest Boobs On TV?

These celebrities have been blessed with a beautiful rack and they are not shy about showing it. From Christina Hendricks to Tyra Banks to Wendy Willians, who has the biggest boobs in Hollywood?

'Devious Maids' Susan Lucci
Exclusive! "I married a man who's very smart, very sure of himself, and very funny."

After 44 Years Of Marriage, This Is Susan Lucci's Best Advice ...

Unlike her perpetual bride characters, Susan Lucci has been married for 44 years to businessman Helmut Huber, and the 60-year-old legend has two children and four grandchildren. Here, she weighs in on 'Devious Maids', her time on 'Dancing With the Stars', and her marriage success secrets.