Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell, The Bachelor
Are JP and Nikki still together?

The 13 Quickest 'Bachelor' And 'Bachelorette' Breakups Ever

Between Bachelor in Paradise and the crazy Nick Viall confessions during The Bachelorette after show, we seriously cannot get enough of The Bachelor in our lives. Will Andi and Josh make it to the wedding? How about Marcus and Lacy? Damn you Chris Harrison for making us tune in to so many shows, we can't even keep track of all the drama.

Lifetime's Saved By The Bell cast
Lifetime's 'Saved By The Bell Cast' bears only passing resemblance to the real one.

A LOL Breakdown Of The 'Saved By The Bell Story' Trailer

Hey, remember how Lifetime is making a behind the scenes look at all of the drama on the Saved by the Bell set? No? You don't remember that, because that show is too old to really care about anymore or because the movie will desecrate a beloved 1990s memory? Oh, well, in any case, Lifetime released the first preview of their movie. Let's watch it together!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

7 Hilarious Sex Scenes You Need To Re-Watch

Ah, let us count the many ways we adore the romp-gone-wrong in the cinema. Most comedies fall short of perfection due to lack of creatively cringe-worthy lovin' (say that 5 times fast). The little nuggets of clinching awkwardness from an intimate moment gone haywire are what bring people together. Encouraging the giggles while watching clunky, clumsy lovemaking is what makes movies worth watching. Amright?

The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco

Bazinga! 22 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Big Bang Theory'

Bazinga! We tune into CBS every week because we love watching four scientists geek out. Even though we sometimes have no idea what Sheldon is saying, it’s still beyond entertaining just to watch him speak. At this point we know that we have at least three seasons left before the show potentially ends (wahhh!) and we're soaking up every ounce of Big Bang Theory that we can. Leonard, Sheldon and Penny have pretty much become family to us.

Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke
Which 'GOT' actor is related to Charles Dickens?

20 Things You Didn't Know About 'Game Of Thrones'

All we can really do after last episode is cheers to Littlefinger — and all the horribly awesome things he's done over the past four seasons. After a hiatus last week (the nerve!), a new episode of Game of Thrones returns June 1. Feel like you can't wait that long for your GOT fix? Then sit back and enjoy these 20 pieces of TV truth: 

kate middleton ring

Top 9 Show-Stopping Celebrity Engagement Rings

While most of us would never dream of wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or even millions of dollars!) worth of diamonds on our finger, we still drool over celebrity engagement rings for their sparkle and massive bling factor. It seems bigger is always better in Hollywood, but when it comes to engagement rings, celebs go all out! Who could honestly say no to any of the following 10 bold and stunning show-stoppers? We can't, that's for sure! Check out our gallery to see who in Hollywood is rockin' the biggest love rocks:

julianne hough
Photo Credit: TheSuperficial.com

10 Sexiest Celeb Beach Bodies

Knowing you look sexy when wearing a bikini in the warm spring and summer months is the best feeling in the world. C'mon you know it, girls – that's why we spend our time on Pinterest pinning new workouts or flipping through magazines for celebrity inspiration. No man can resist the allure of a confident woman, and you're going to be one on the beach this summer!

Find out if your favorite actor made the list.

The 10 Hottest Single Men In Hollywood

George Clooney, America's number one bachelor just tied the knot! I know. When you're done cry, don't you worry, because we've been keeping tabs on the celebrity bachelors. Whether they've yet to meet their leading lady (or it didn't work out with her), all of these men possess confidence, talent, passion, class... and devilishly good looks. What's hotter than that?