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Do Democrats Have More Sex Scandals Than Republicans?

But it begs the question, why are Republicans winning this awful race? If you ask a Republican, they might say that Republicans are targeted by the media. If you ask a Democrat they might say that Republicans, who are known for touting a line of "family values" are hypocrites. I know one Republican who thinks that Republican politicians are simply set up. The answer it seems, is as divisive as the politics.

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Is Facebook Making Us Lose Our Sense of Reality?

In last week’s "Opinion" section of the NY Times, author, Jonathan Franzen, discusses the hidden evils of technology and facebook, an ever-popular topic of conversation among social critics. He argues that both forces are turning American society into an increasingly superficial group of people who have forgotten the difference between liking people or things, and loving them. A few days after reading this article, I watched the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, and low and behold, the first half of it brought Franzen’s ideas to life.

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Why I Feel Sorry For Eva Mendes

Recently, Eva Mendes made headlines when she put down marriage on "Chelsey Lately," calling it "archaic" and "unsexy." After reading her statements, however, I'm wondering if she even understands what marriage is really all about.

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Does Casual Sex Stunt Our Emotional Growth?

When it comes to sex, modern American society may be quick to joke about it, flaunt it, and prioritize it, but the one thing we don’t often do is stop to really consider why it exists in the first place. It’s easy to jump to the obvious conclusion of procreation and call it a day, but doesn’t that explanation seem a bit lacking in the face of all the emotions and intimacy involved? In this day in age, with birth control, condoms, and surgeries, we’ve found ways around the logical reason for having sex, and simply have sex for the sake of it. But, what does that mean? What is the point of sex?

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Does The Bible Really Condone Homosexuality, Premarital Sex?

Jennifer Wright Knust, Baptist pastor and professor of Religion at Boston University, makes a number of shocking and unorthodox claims in her new book. She writes: “Looking to the Bible for straightforward answers about anything, including sex, can only be a disappointment. When read as a whole, the Bible provides neither clear nor consistent advice about sex . . . If one biblical writer condemns those who engage in sex before marriage, others present premarital sex as central to God’s plan. Just about every biblical commandment is broken, and not only by biblical villains . . . It is therefore a mistake to pretend that the Bible can define our ethics for us in any kind of straightforward way.” Ouch. As someone who strongly believes that the Bible is God’s word to his people, Knust’s assertions really stung.

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What Friending Your Ex Says About Your Marriage

If I accepted his friend request, I'd get a glimpse into his airbrushed life: his wife, his children, his vacations. But I wondered what my husband would think of my journey down memory lane. It seemed unfair to have an intimate thought that didn’t include him. Yet I was happily married. And the friendship would be innocent, right?

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Should Couples Pray Together While Dating? One Author Says 'No'

To pray together, or not to pray together: that is the question. For married couples of faith, the decision is a bit more obvious. They have clever adages in support of the idea, such as “The couple that prays together stays together,” as well as a whole host of surveys, books, and websites singing the praises of how prayer can strengthen a relationship. It’s enough to even make an Atheist consider it. But what about couples who aren’t married, yet are in serious dating relationships? Should they pray with their significant others, or is couple’s prayer an intimate activity that is better suited for marriage?

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Opinion: Congress Should Stay Out of Students' Sex Lives

Congress has decided that it's time to regulate the college hookup (they must be out of things to do). The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act requires schools to intrude into the most intimate aspects of students' lives. In the name of preventing sexual violence, Congress, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to put their noses into everyone's business.

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How My First Kiss Changed Everything

I’m guessing that The Girl Who Let Me had been looking at the mountains, waiting for a boy, any boy, to come along. I wish I could remember her name. I said hello, and she said hello, and I said I lived up the road—not mentioning that I was one of the weird missionaries, though later she told me she knew who I was because her uncle disapproved of us Schaeffers and said so. Anyway, that first day she didn’t ask awkward questions. I asked her where she was from, and she answered Paris, and then, with a sudden flash of inspiration, I asked her if she’d like to go for a walk because the crocuses were still blooming only a fifteen-minute hike up the steep path. She said yes!