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Couple Kissing in the Fall

Can Autumn Ruin Your Marriage?

Before it gets to busy - before we get in the autumn swing of costumes, turkey and Nativity scenes, we need to intentionally think about how to stay connected to our spouses as life gets crazy. Here are four ways to stay connected with your spouse so your marriage doesn't take a back seat during this busy season.

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Why You Should Fight With Your Spouse

Six simple steps to keeping your marriage truthful and harmonious. Because when you hold things in, eventually they tumble back out. "You start to resent your partner, and you start to resent yourself," said Dr. Kudak. "If you’re not happy with yourself and your partner, you're not going to be happy in your relationship. And your marriage can deteriorate when that happens."

Tim Tebow

Ladies Love Tim Tebow

I'd venture a guess that most women like chivalry. We want a man who shows commitment. We like solid, traditional values; a guy we could bring home to mom and dad with the sure-fire belief that they would just adore him. All these things give us a sense of stability, knowing we'd be taken care of and have a shoulder to lean on whenever we're forced to soldier through hard times. These days, being old-fashioned is actually refreshing. Tim embodies these ideas, thus there's a large group of women who are attracted to him.

woman reading bible

When It Comes To Love, Would You Let God Decide?

In the first chapter of The Bible, it says that God created the entire world and then formed one man named Adam. Shortly after that, he gave this famous declaration in Genesis 2:18: "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Thus, God created a woman named Eve, and thus Christians throughout the centuries have viewed this story as a beacon of hope that God might one day make a person for them to love and build a life with. Of course, the primary difference between Adam and all of us today is that Adam didn’t have any other women to choose from. He didn’t have to sift through millions of profiles on, or question whether or not the girl he had been dating for the past three months was technically "the one." On the contrary, the woman he was meant to marry was pretty darn obvious. Fast forward thousands of years later to a time when 7 billion people inhabit the planet, and things suddenly get a lot more complicated.

Women with Bible

My Faith Is Keeping Me Single

Religion is just the first in a long line of other deal breakers. "You are not called to missionary dating," Christian writer Max Lucado writes. Then he advises, "Marry someone who loves God more than you do." So, not only do I need a guy who calls himself a Christian, I need one who walks the walk—I need a guy who helps me love God more fully. Need more deal breakers? I've got 'em.

Young family

Why I Believe In Natural Family Planning

If you've heard the term Natural Family Planning (NFP), it's probably almost a certainty actually, that you were given some bad information about it. As someone who has practiced NFP with my wife for around six years, I know I've heard more than my fair share of misguidance from family, the media and even priests. Sometimes it's honest confusion or simply a passing along of misinformation, but other times it's a blatant attack on a somewhat mysterious practice that many in our culture chalk up to some form of crazy desire for 20 kids or an exercise in Pope-worshiping. Despite what critics say, Natural Family Planning can be good for your marriage.

mom with baby

Our Children Don't Make Me Happy

I stood there in my sweatpants, a bit disheveled, wanting to cry out, "No! You and I belong together!" But that was my need, not his. He walked off, his Bakugan backpack shining in the sun, without turning his head. I tightened my jacket around me. He caught sight of his friend, and slung his arm around his shoulders, a gesture that seemed more mature than he was. They disappeared into the school, laughing, tilting their faces towards one another. And just like that, the cord was severed.

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Are Men Today Really Irresponsible, Overgrown Adolescents?

If you were to scan the news headlines over the past few months, the primary message you would glean about men in America would be this: They are failing. Failing to become adults; failing to be financially independent; failing as fathers; failing as husbands. It’s enough to make a girl like myself throw her hands up in the air and vow to be single for the rest of her life. Yet, the more I read, the more I start to wonder: whose standards are we going by here? And what if all these statistics about men in their 20’s and 30’s living lives of self-indulgent abandon, delaying marriage, and being neglectful fathers aren’t nearly as black and white as they seem? What if there’s more going on beneath the surface, and what about all the men who don’t fall into those categories? The ones who are involved fathers, devoted husbands, and successful career men. Isn’t it high time we gave them a little bit of press?

6 Lessons From Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony's Divorce

6 Lessons From Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony's Divorce

Another celebrity marriage has gone by the wayside. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are no more. Now that the media hubub has died down, there are certain things we might be able to learn and apply for our marriages. You would think that after a while, there wouldn't be anything we could learn from a celebrity divorce. But its not true. I think we can always learn something, so we don't have to repeat mistakes of others! Not that I wish harm on anyone or any relationship - that isn't the case at all. Just that when bad things do happen, we can observe, learn, and try not to let things creep into our own relationships that might be problematic.

The pill

I Don't Believe In Natural Family Planning

The argument against contraception is that it undermines the primary goal of marriage: to create a family. But I disagree. Contraception does what natural family planning tries to do, it just does it more effectively. Contraception gives couples choices and allows them to build a stronger relationship which will result in a stronger family, when the time is right. I have a daughter of my own now and I am amazed at the way she's changed our lives and our relationship. Seeing my husband in her and seeing my husband with her, does make me love him more than I ever have. But having a kid has also made my relationship more difficult.