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uncomfortable date
For some people, dating isn't all fun and games.

"I Can't Stand Dating"

I started to fear deep-down that my serious lack of dating finesse meant I was destined to be alone. And that devastated me, because I really want to get married some day. I want a husband, kids, the big family I never had. And for a time, I began to force it. I went out actively looking for love, going on dates with guys I knew it would never work out with, and then getting upset when it didn't. Lately, I've taken a step back. After careful thought and a little divine inspiration, I finally came to a conclusion: That I'm just not cut out for dating as we've come to know it today. And I think I've been building up to this revelation for a while now.

Heart and binoculars
The search for love is that much harder when we obsess along the way.

Are You Obsessed With Finding Love?

A few years ago, on a warm summer evening, I got together with four of my single girlfriends and prayed. We gathered in my friend Tracy’s living room. Two of us sat on the edge of her couch, and two of us sat Indian style on the floor, arms outstretched, hands clasped together. We burned candles, we closed our eyes, we prayed for ourselves and for each other, and for the imaginary men that we hoped to one day marry. In preparation for this evening of prayer, we had each completed The List, a complex, thoughtfully-planned affair with bullet points and petitions for things like a man who is a "spiritual leader," has a great sense of humor, is financially stable, and is of course, "my best friend." It’s the Christian female’s version of the Holy Grail, and many of us spend our lives searching for it. For him.

How Saving Memories Strengthens My Marriage

How Saving Memories Strengthens My Marriage

Ask any mom: we're not only the nurturers of our children, we're also the party responsible for documenting their lives. But why is it that because I’m a woman, I’m expected to be the family scribe? No matter how much I expressed my love to my children, did my lack of creativity make me a bad mom? Not at all, and my the solution has made preserving memories a way more memorable experience.

Cinderalla Story screenshot

Why I Don't Believe In "The One"

We'd like to think of romantic love in that made-only-for-you way. When the time is right, when the stars align, we're going to meet that one other person who makes us tick. It'll be magic. It sounds great, right? To me, the idea of The One definitely does. Only thing is, I don't believe in it.

Woman Journaling

One Unconventional Way To Help Your Marriage

I love the smell of an empty book. Sure, that may be my own weird fetish, but if you spend some time in an empty book filling it up, it might just save your marriage. Here are 6 reasons why journaling could help your marriage, and 5 ways to easily get started

Is my son gay?

Think Your Child Is Gay? You Probably Don't Need An App For That

According to En Moi, the makers of the "Is My Son Gay?" application for the Android phone, it was only supposed to be a joke. It came under immediate controversy, and was officially pulled from the Android marketplace last Friday afternoon. Although it was clearly mired in offensive stereotypes, and was devoid any scientific research, its very existence likely left some parents thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice if we did have an app for that? Having the traditional birds and bees talk with your child can be complicated enough, let alone discussing all the added intricacies of sexual orientation. However, in our current culture of gay teens committing suicide, and of the recent decision to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, it is more important than ever for your children—no matter what age they are—to know that they can come to you and discuss these things openly.

Aunt and nephew

What Becoming An Aunt Taught Me About Love

With all the recent talk about childless women, can a niece or nephew inspire motherhood? Growing up in a Christian, Midwestern household, it was natural for me to fantasize about marriage, a wedding and an incredible husband...but what about babies? I didn't feel that longing...until my nephew arrived.

Couple Kissing in the Fall

Can Autumn Ruin Your Marriage?

Before it gets to busy - before we get in the autumn swing of costumes, turkey and Nativity scenes, we need to intentionally think about how to stay connected to our spouses as life gets crazy. Here are four ways to stay connected with your spouse so your marriage doesn't take a back seat during this busy season.

boxing gloves

Why You Should Fight With Your Spouse

Six simple steps to keeping your marriage truthful and harmonious. Because when you hold things in, eventually they tumble back out. "You start to resent your partner, and you start to resent yourself," said Dr. Kudak. "If you’re not happy with yourself and your partner, you're not going to be happy in your relationship. And your marriage can deteriorate when that happens."

Tim Tebow

Ladies Love Tim Tebow

I'd venture a guess that most women like chivalry. We want a man who shows commitment. We like solid, traditional values; a guy we could bring home to mom and dad with the sure-fire belief that they would just adore him. All these things give us a sense of stability, knowing we'd be taken care of and have a shoulder to lean on whenever we're forced to soldier through hard times. These days, being old-fashioned is actually refreshing. Tim embodies these ideas, thus there's a large group of women who are attracted to him.